/ LOST - Dmm Blue Dragon 5 Cam @ Stanage Popular

lusonavigator on 10 Apr 2018

09/04 /2018

Between Inverted V and Desperation areas.

Clipped with blue dmm krab in black tape.

Would be extremely grateful if someone were to find it probably laying in the floor/had taken it by mistake.  Happy to pay postage in advance.

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RosieYates - on 15 Apr 2018
In reply to lusonavigator:

I have it! Really sorry, just took my rack out for the first time since Sunday and had a duplicate that my partner or I must have packed by accident. 

As it was my mistake I'll pay postage, just pm your address.

RosieYates - on 07:07 Sat
In reply to lusonavigator:

If you're about in the peak this weekend let me know so I can return the cam. I've pmed you my number

RosieYates - on 08:08 Tue
In reply to lusonavigator:

It's going in the post on my lunch break today. Will send recorded so it'll need a signature - posting here as the direct messaging is a right hassle...