Lost - Gri gri - Tramstation Crag, Great Orme

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 Neil Foster Global Crag Moderator 15 Jun 2024

I left my Gri gri at Tramstation on 10th June.  I've only just discovered it's missing.

It is probably under Homebelly Groove, or possibly the Three Musketeers buttress.

It's a blue Gri gri 2 (the smaller one), on a pear shaped screwgate.

I'd really appreciate its return, if anyone happens to have picked it up...

Thanks, Neil

 Emlyn Price 07:09 Tue
In reply to Neil Fost

hi Neil pretty sure i have this send me a message. 

 Derek Furze 09:44 Tue
In reply to Neil Foster:

I was there a few days later.  I searched the area, but no sign of it.  However, it looks like someone picked it up for you.

Hope all well with you both.


OP Neil Foster Global Crag Moderator 21:40 Tue
In reply to Emlyn Price:

Ace, thanks Emlyn - I’ve messaged you.

And thanks for looking Derek - I appreciate it.

And whilst I’m at it, thanks also to Ian Carr and Martin Doyle who also went out of their way to look for this for me…

Cheers, Neil

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