/ Lost - trekking poles Creag Meagaidh

fairweatherclimber - on 07 Mar 2018

They're by the MTR box in Corrie Ardair.  Currently a little harder work to get to after recent snowfall.

Old Black Diamond poles in aluminium with blue writing and ovalised shape.

Got left behind after we ran out of time to recover them when descending by another the route.

If anyone sees them and feels like recovering them to the Creag Meagaidh visitor centre, I would be eternally grateful.  The people there are great and wouldn't I think mind holding them for me.

If anyone has seen them there more recently then I'd be glad to know, as I could trot up there when conditions are a little more favourable.


fairweatherclimber - on 12 Mar 2018
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Bump - someone will have been up Creag M over the weekend?


smally - on 12 Mar 2018
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We took them down to the farm on friday . Met the SAIS guy on the way out, he said someone had been in touch with the SNH folk at farm re. the poles. Told him we would leave them there and assumed they would contact owner.

  Best get in contact with the farm,we left them in the front porch as couldn't find anyone around in the buildings.


fairweatherclimber - on 19:50 Mon
In reply to smally:

Iain, that is fantastic; thank you!

I'll let you know when I've got them.

Much appreciated.