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Lost bag Stob Dearg, Buachaille Etive Mor

 Stob Dearg 26 Jun 2020

Lost rucksac on Stob Dearg in a gully to the right of "The Chasm" or strewn around the bottom.

Originally posted in January in the winter climbing forum here:


Re-reported here because if it's going to be found now is the time.

This bag and it's various contents are likely to emerge and bits may be discovered as people get out to the hills.

I'd estimate that most of it is trashed but it has things of sentimental value (including the memory card in my phone) as well as things that might be genuinely useful (eg my car key) so I'd be grateful for a heads up if you spot it.  If it's in one peace it'll probably be too heavy to recover so let me know where it is and I'll sort that out (but if you could rescue my car keys, phone and tunnocks caramel I'd be grateful).

I suspect an orange petzl helmet and rack of torque nuts also blown away but not in the bag will be found separately but the lighter stuff may have made it to the north sea before touchdown...

That bag of stuff has taken my to some amazing places and to some of the best of times, we're old friends and I'd like to be reunited but I'd also like to head off any MR alerts resulting from this gear being found.

Thanks folks!

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