/ Lost Belay jacket

Ed Wheatcroft on 05 Mar 2018

Eilde Canyon Some very kind soul lent a belay jacket to us in Eilde Canyon on Sunday when our mate took a fall. Let me know the Brand/colour and i'll sort out getting it back to you, and thanks for helping us out!

neil the weak - on 07 Mar 2018
In reply to Ed Wheatcroft:

Hey Ed. That was me, if it was a "blue" Rab smock that looks like it has spent time in a deep fat fryer. How is your pal doing? I'll message you my address. Hope you all got down ok.

Clive H - on 07 Mar 2018
In reply to neil the weak:

The jacket is at present at the Ballachulish hotel. Are you in that area at the moment or soon?