/ Lost, Bram Crag Quarry, 2 black fleeces, 05/06/18

Jana Edwards on 06 Jun 2018

Tuesday afternoon 5th June. I carelessly left  2 x black fleece jackets at Bram Crag Quarry in Cumbria when I packed and left the crag . Both jackets have yellow company logo on with the name Abseil Commercial. Both jackets are made by Englebert Strauss (as on the red label on the inside of the collars). I returned to crag today 6th June but fleeces nowhere to be seen. If taken from the crag please let me know and I will arrange to collect. Thank you.

Neil R - on 07 Jun 2018
Jana Edwards on 08 Jun 2018
In reply to Neil R:

Dear Neil, thank you for letting me know about the post.