Lost car key and wedding ring. Bosigran Suicide Wall area

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 gooberman-hill 07 Jul 2024

I lost my car key (Toyota) at  Bosigran yesterday (6 July). The key has my wedding ring clipped to it.

I believe (but am not certain) that I might have lost it while abseiling ro remove gear from the stance at the end of P1 of Suicide Wall (E1 5c), after being rained off.

If anyone finds it please DM me.

Thanks, Steve

 Babika 07 Jul 2024
In reply to gooberman-hill:

Really hope you get this back.

Only likely to be climbers down there so hopefully it will be found soon and you'll be reunited! 

 Steve Woollard 07 Jul 2024
In reply to gooberman-hill:

Have you contacted the Climbers Club as if found it might be left at the Count House?

In reply to Steve Woollard:

Not yet but will do. Thxs for the suggestion.


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