Lost gear Battleship Edge

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 AlexMellon 08 May 2022

Hi all,

I was at Battleship Edge on Saturday and seem to have misplaced a bit of kit.

pair of Scarpa Instincts

A single La sportiva cobra - blue

Ash climbing hangboard 

3/4 green black and green quickdraws

There was also a Tupperware of dog food and another of boiled chicken, but it feels fair to say whoever found those can eat them.

 Bouldering Ben 08 May 2022
In reply to AlexMellon:

Saw it all this morning.
Left it all there as thought you might come back at some point during the day for it.  

We moved to a different crag after our initial warm up, or would have picked them up Sunday eve.  Not sure if someone from a different group did for you maybe…

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