/ Lost Guidebook at Roche Rock

Jaidigi on 13 Jul 2018

I appear to have lost my Cheesewring guidebook at Roche Rock a few weeks ago after a fall. It has my name in the cover and some of the climbs are highlighted in yellow. Would be grateful to get it back.

Tom Last - on 13 Jul 2018
In reply to Jaidigi:

Have you left it somewhere it’s not likely to have been picked up yet? If so, I can go and take a look for you. 

Jaidigi on 15 Jul 2018
In reply to Tom Last:

Hi Tom, that would be awesome. I fell doing Shorty's Folly and our stuff was on the rock at the bottom of that climb so I imagine it would be around there. I would go look myself but I'm not able to drive for a few more months so can't get there!!!