Lost: key card between Arncliffe and Street Gate

Lost a black Tesla key card on the path from Arncliffe to Street Gate 8th September.

 Lankyman 10 Sep 2021
In reply to Robin Thomson:

That's a long path - any ideas when you last noticed it? I'm heading into the Dales this morning and plan to walk from Arncliffe that way in the next few days. Nice photo of Federation Peak, by the way.

In reply to Robin Thomson:

Sorry, no idea, but I stayed on the footpath all the way excepting a slight diversion to look at the most westerly of the Dew Bottoms settlements. Enjoy the walk and TIA for keeping your eyes open!

 Lankyman 12 Sep 2021
In reply to Robin Thomson:

Just come down into Arncliffe. Looked from just west of the Dew Bottom settlement along the track to here. If it had been in the trodden part of the track there's a chance I'd have seen it. If it was in the long grass either side almost none. Have you tried calling the Falcon Inn at Arncliffe to check if anyone handed it in? I saw a few folks on the path today. Also maybe a lost and found site on FB? I tried a couple for the Lakes last year when I lost a camera near Winster (no luck).

In reply to Robin Thomson:

Many thanks for looking! And for the suggestions. I can manage for now with my one remaining key card (which henceforth lives in a zipped up pocket) until it is found or more are available to buy (currently out of stock). Thanks again!

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