/ Lost ME fleece

zoe.louise94 on 10 May 2018

Gimmer Crag'A' Route (MS)

I left a dark blue Mountain Equipment fleece at the bottom of Gimmer crag below and right of Ash Tree Ledges while I was climbing on Sunday the 6th May and when I returned after the climb it had gone. Has anyone seen my fleece?

Mister Twinkles - on 11 May 2018

Hi Zoe

I have your fleece my group picked it up after coming down from route B 11: How would you like to arrange collection. (I’m based in chesterfield area). I climb at awesome walls and the works, or when it’s not raining could meet in the Peak District.



krikoman - on 12 May 2018
In reply to zoe.louise94:

It's "lost my fleece"

zoe.louise94 on 13 May 2018
In reply to Mister Twinkles:

Hi Matt,

Brilliant thank you. I live in Sheffield but I tend to climb at the foundry or in the Peaks and occasionally at the works. My number is 07578191783, do you want to text me in advance of when you will next be either in the Peaks or at the works and I will see if I am free to go?

Many thanks,