Lost rope 45m grey Burbage North

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Lost a grey 45m rope @Burbage north- ash tree wall area.

We were told some kind folks picked up the rope and will post on ukc later. If this is you, please contact: Magdalena 07599464279.

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Bumping this, we still have not heard from the folks that picked up the rope. I think it could potentially be a group with the cutest black dog called Max (photo attached - I miss the dog, but I miss the rope even more ). Please let me know if you know anything, it's a rope I borrowed and we left it due to a miscommunication in our large-ish group. 

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 Moacs 14 May 2022
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Bump for you

In reply to Moacs:

Bump. Did the exact same thing a few years ago with a brand new rope, and one of our wonderful UKC cohort ran up to the crag in the rain a few days later to get it back for me. Outstanding generosity. Really hope it gets back to you in the end.

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 Jamie Wakeham 16 May 2022
In reply to John long:

One more hopeful Monday morning bump.  If anyone knows Max the puppy (and his owners) then please nudge them towards this thread. They were a family (?) group of five or six people, and the 18-ish lad who lead Ash Tree Wall as his first route of the day was pleased with his new shoes.

We are certain they intend to get the rope back to us but they obviously haven't found our contact details yet!

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