Lots of gear found at Newstones

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A rack of gear found at the top of Sly Buttress, Newstones. Happy to reunite rack & owner. A hint of what you've left behind & its predominant identifying tape is all that's necessary 

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Anybody know any likely subjects? I've checked logbook entries for the routes, but no clues there....

 Babika 11 May 2022
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Do you think it might be dumped nicked gear? 

Just a hint of the tape marking might prompt someone who's lost gear to get in touch?

Seems a bit odd that a whole rack hasn't been missed 

 DaveHK 11 May 2022
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There used to be a user on here called Reggie Perrin, maybe it's his? You can probably get in touch through his brother.   

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Seems odd indeed. More likely to be a forgetful climber of a certain vintage who doesn't use ukc.

3 cams, 12 nuts, 12 draws, 3 slings, a nutkey & a prussic. Clipped together, nestled in long grass. I only noticed it the fourth time I topped out, so I can imagine it was easily missed by its owner. It will be missed even more when they next go out. Till then it will continue to holiday on my overloaded shelf of spare/found climbing gear in the Buxton Home for Abandoned Gear.....

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Possibly. Or perhaps John Stonehouse, or John Darwin (the Canoe Man)

 kedvenc72 11 May 2022
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I was there on Sunday and a small group (two families) were based around sly buttress. They had small children with top ropes on the slabs left of sly. They had quite a bit of trad gear (at least a full rack), pads, etc and it would correlate almost exactly with what you describe. I did chat with them but didn't really find out where they were from (as in on holiday or local etc).

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That would most likely be the unfortunate forgetful people. Easy to lose sight of something when herding children too. Still time for them to remember......perhaps next weekend 

 Graeme Hammond 11 May 2022
In reply to buxtoncoffeelover:

Some people don't climb very often so it might not be missed until they next go climbing when they realise their bag isn't quite as heavy as it should be.

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Their gear will still be here, ready & freely available for them, though this thread may have disappeared into the archives/been deleted 

 Babika 12 May 2022
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I've twice had gear (clothing) returned via UKC that I accidently abandoned at a crag. I think this forum is brilliant!

Trouble is I mistakenly assume that everybody knows about this!

If you know a family that might have been pottering around at Newstones recently please speak to them!

 climbingpixie 12 May 2022
In reply to Graeme Hammond:

True. I didn't realise that my partner had left a full set of cams at the top of one of the routes on Malham right wing until I saw a post on UKC and checked my bag!

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Bump again

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