Main Wall, Cyn Las Dropped Runner

 benkelsey 08 Sep 2021

To the party on main wall on Sunday (one of you in red?) your dropped sling draw landed on our belay stance - a gift from the gods! Get in touch if you'd like it back: colour of sling and wire size the handover requirements.

 ads 08 Sep 2021
In reply to benkelsey:

Hi - that's good of you to post, I think that was us - we were the party on first. I think it was a number 3 wire on a yellow sling (?) my partner dropped. Not too worried about getting it back, had assumed it had disappeared but figure these things tend to even up over time.. I've certainly acquired a few extra bits along the way.

Thanks for the offer anyway, make use of it if you can.  

 freeheel47 08 Sep 2021
In reply to benkelsey:

Who said good manners were dead? What an uplifting thread.

 benkelsey 09:23 Mon
In reply to ads:

Hiya thanks for getting in touch, I don't check these forums much so apologies for the late reply. Yep that's the kit. What comes around goes around. Cheers and hope you had a great day, we certainly did!

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