/ Stolen gear

Josh1990 - on 13 Feb 2019

My Friends car was broken into last night, i know its a long shot but............ if anyone sees any of it on any market places any info would be appreciated

Blue Symond climbing rope

DMM rope bag

DMM Helmet

Wild country harness grey

Assorted slings

Assorted quickdraws

DMM caribiners

krikoman - on 13 Feb 2019
In reply to Josh1990:

Location might be useful, but the gears probably a long way from where it was nicked.

As usual keep an eye on Ebay, is the only advice I can give.

Mike505 on 13 Feb 2019
In reply to Josh1990:

Any distinguishing features to the gear? Marking tape, dents, stickers on the helmet, what colour was the bag etc...

Josh1990 - on 14 Feb 2019
In reply to Josh1990:

No distinguished markings as such 

some of the quick draws were yellow and made by eb climbing, i believe the others were wild country

the rope bag was a black DMM

and the helmet has DMM on the front in large letters

they were stolen from a house in handforth near stockport