Tryfan Grooved Arete - Lost Half Ropes

 reubenrules123 14 Sep 2021


We managed to get a pair of half ropes stuck on the "haven" ledge below the knights move/checkerboard slab pitch, If anyone is trying Grooved Arete we would really appreciate it if you could rescue them for us and get in touch. (Even if you just leave them somewhere convenient-ish like on the top of tryfan somewhere or in the carpark). We also lost a nut (wild country size 4 on pitch 1) and a couple of slings (at the base of the 5th pitch).

Thanks a lot,


 rurp 14 Sep 2021
In reply to reubenrules123:

To lose one rope Mr Reuben may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both….

A pair of half ropes, a nut and two slings gone

blimey sounds like an epic, are you all okay?

 reubenrules123 15 Sep 2021
In reply to rurp:

Yes we are both ok, thank you. Indeed it was a little bit of an epic. A lesson in how not to back off a route.

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