Were you at Arch Rock (Cheddar) on Sunday 8/5? Lost hoody

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 goatmonkey 09 May 2022

Hey. I was one of the pair of climbers at Arch Rock at Cheddar on Sunday (8/5), we were chatting with a big group from Bristol there. I left a black anti fox hunting hoody of some sentimental value there (probably at the bottom of the crag near Galena Colada), so just posting this on the the off chance that someone from that group sees this and picked it up? Cheers

 EDrakett 09 May 2022
In reply to goatmonkey:

Hi mate. Yes one of us picked it up as didn't want to leave it. I'll email you 

 OP goatmonkey 15 May 2022
In reply to EDrakett:

Thanks mate, that's wicked, I emailed you back, did you get my message, in case it went to spam or anything?

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