/ 2 weeks on / 2 weeks off jobs?

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CMcBain - on 02 Jun 2014
Going into my final year of uni and starting to think I should have a plan for when I finish. I'd really like to find a job that involves 2 weeks on/2 weeks off type work - to maximise climbing opportunities!

Apart from the obvious contender that is working on the rigs, are there any other jobs that offer this sort of shift pattern? I was thinking maybe the merchant navy or something?

FWIW - My degree is in philosophy, so not really ideal for getting a job on the rigs....

Would be great to hear of anyone else's experience
BAdhoc - on 02 Jun 2014
In reply to CMcBain:

Just commenting to follow any suggestions.... Need a new job. Something that isn't customer facing retail.
KevinD - on 02 Jun 2014
In reply to CMcBain:

Why 2 weeks on/2 weeks off.
Get the right contract work and you would be able to swing several months off to maximise playtime.
Bob_the_Builder - on 02 Jun 2014
In reply to dissonance:

I'd like the several months off in a block option.

Do you have some examples? I'm going back to university to get my masters in mechanical engineering and I'd really like to explore the alternatives to a normal "office job". I don't need to work in engineering (though I enjoy it) and accept that a pay cut and/or some other sacrifices will go with the flexibility.
KevinD - on 02 Jun 2014
In reply to Bob_the_Builder:

> Do you have some examples?

I know a couple of IT contractors who manage it. Its difficult though to keep up to speed and hence can be difficult to pull off eg write off getting a mortgage etc.
Working for someone who has a seasonal surge in work can be one way round t although depends how cheap you are willing to live.
Bob_the_Builder - on 03 Jun 2014
In reply to dissonance:

I have a concept in my mind where a company works on ~9-11 month projects with gaps of downtime where they are forced to lay off workers. Having somebody who is willing to go away for that downtime and then come back with a reasonably short amount of notice (say a few weeks) would be very valuable (in my head). My work would be based on some form of agreement where I am guaranteed a certain minimum amount of hours or minimum annual salary.

But I don't know how to find that company. I think this arrangement is plausible, not in un-skilled labour (the guaranteed hours) but hopefully for an engineer. I have 15 months to figure it out I suppose. Or maybe more like 12, depending on finances...

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