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A forum for general non-climbing discussions and debate. Discuss politics, society, sport, whatever you feel like on this very popular forum. Please keep the trivial and extra light-hearted stuff in The Pub. Please note - Unsuitable posts in Off Belay will be either moved to The Pub and closed, or just deleted. 'Unsuitable' means chatty posts between mates, trivial jokes and banter, mimic posts or posts with mild bad language in the starter post or title.

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Word 2019 - Forms and Field PhilipPhilip-14313-May-20
Coronavirus - I wonder... Yanis NayuYanis Nayu913,60413-May-20
Formula to calculate reproduction number R elsewhereelsewhere1345813-May-20
Don't downplay fear to build up hope krikomankrikoman794013-May-20
Wiping the world slate clean mypyrexmypyrex131,02813-May-20
Discussing a return to the outdoors in Scotland euanmcieuanmci-30213-May-20
Reopening car parks... Danbow73Danbow73131,50113-May-20
Free PPE visors GStoneGStone131913-May-20
Lord Sumption on the Logic of Lockdown LeeWoodLeeWood671,80113-May-20
PPE What went wrong...? PostmanpatPostmanpat913,07512-May-20
Why going back to work is a bad idea for many girlymonkeygirlymonkey364112-May-20
Juicer recommendation please! Blue StragglerBlue Straggler1673512-May-20
BBC reporter in Leicester on lock down? yorkshire_lad2yorkshire_lad2131,05812-May-20
Are youtube viewing numbers simply made up? Minneconjou...Minneconjou Sioux1267612-May-20
Alert Level = R + number of infections MeMeMeMeMeMe321,14912-May-20
Think of a number JCurrieJCurrie1587712-May-20
The new rules in a nutshell OceanrowerOceanrower211,90012-May-20
What should Boris have said about lockdown? The LemmingThe Lemming401,45612-May-20
What platform/ file type do I want? girlymonkeygirlymonkey1047812-May-20
Can you refuse to go back to work? rockwingrockwing1102,92111-May-20
Colour theory and Government signage Agar JellyAgar Jelly343511-May-20
Pangolin in the room Alan.rodgerAlan.rodger101,19711-May-20
Go back to work tomorrow, wtf Dax HDax H131,48611-May-20
Boris - the Saviour keith-ratcliffekeith-ratcliffe511,85611-May-20
Today’s big announcement the sheepthe sheep983,40611-May-20
Lockdown Stockholm Syndrome? Paul SagarPaul Sagar482,66611-May-20
Getting rid of old computers - The Turing Trust? Blue StragglerBlue Straggler952411-May-20
Covid-19 tracking app - have you installed ? LeeWoodLeeWood1664,07611-May-20
Prof Neil Ferguson Dan ArkleDan Arkle2767,13410-May-20
Shapps support for cycling and NOx kevin stephenskevin stephens381,24210-May-20
Rosena Allin-Khan Rog WilkoRog Wilko670610-May-20
Up coming traffic changes Dax HDax H111,20310-May-20
Turntable in £150-£200 range Blue StragglerBlue Straggler1442510-May-20
Van life - keeping your gear safe? sharpendadventur...sharpendadventures342,28310-May-20
Lockdown easing Jezz0rJezz0r673,18810-May-20
TLS handshakes dropping out Mr LopezMr Lopez1975410-May-20
NHS frontline staff - Heroes? girlymonkeygirlymonkey1994,96210-May-20
insect population balance paul mitchellpaul mitchell-26609-May-20
How do you pronounce this? Wanderer100Wanderer100301,80509-May-20
What will happen to universities? mick taylormick taylor291,36809-May-20
Cold Water Tap Pressure. mypyrexmypyrex1871509-May-20
What were you doing Bank Holiday last year? deacondeacondeacondeacon1889309-May-20
Boris spaffs another meaningless CV19 Number GravitySucksGravitySucks431,96508-May-20
Numbers in hospital Si dHSi dH893708-May-20
Car Tax & MOT due keith-ratcliffekeith-ratcliffe181,08207-May-20
Post-Pandemic Positioning GreenbanksGreenbanks348607-May-20
The Biggest Ideas In The Universe Jon StewartJon Stewart769207-May-20
Fall alert devices for elderly wurzelinzummerse...wurzelinzummerset261,05807-May-20
UK 37% >normal deaths, Italy 90 % > normal deaths ClimberEdClimberEd1335,18407-May-20
Sanctions on Israel !! krikomankrikoman677407-May-20
Urgent photo printing needed seankennyseankenny1056507-May-20
Mountain Heritage Trust - appeal for support SafaribritSafaribrit-17906-May-20
Covid 19, Cash and Charities mypyrexmypyrex531606-May-20
Is Vitamin D the problem & solution? RedFiveRedFive432,28106-May-20
Shut that Loo Lid before flushing! MargieBMargieB682,42706-May-20
What's the point...? mypyrexmypyrex2499906-May-20
Back to normal dh73dh73763,38806-May-20
Janey godley nicola. ????. im offim off257206-May-20
Funding opportunity from TNF Tony the BladeTony the Blade-28106-May-20
If you’re sick of doom-mongering Yanis NayuYanis Nayu121,14406-May-20