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gingerwolf - on 27 Apr 2013
Hello all

So I've reached that time where I have to make some expensive purchases - one is a new car (actually I'm looking at a small van, but that's by the by!), but that can wait.

The second is a new laptop, which is slightly more urgent, especially as my current laptop is becoming increasingly less mobile!

So I popped into PC World this afternoon, and was kind of overwhelmed with all the different laptops etc, too much choice, almost, and I'm having difficulty sorting the wheat from the chaff, so I thought I'd ask the opinion of the educated and computer savvy UKC massif

First of all, a little on my current laptop usage - I use it mainly for web browsing, word processing, watching films and tv series, downloading, and some video/photo editting. I like to have multiple windows open and I'd like something that will allow this without the slowness of a steam train!

So, some factors:
a large memory (1TB preferable)
CD/DVD drive preferable but not essential (I still occasionally burn CD's to listen to in the car, though I can get round this!)
15" screen (well, no smaller than 13") for media viewing
6GB of RAM preferable (current laptop has 4, and doesn't seem adequate enough)
No numerical pad on keyboard - not needed, just want to keep the keyboard basic (I know this rules out some HP laptops)
Not an Advent laptop - my current one is, and frankly, it's a bit crap!
Less than 2kg in weight (definitely needs to be less than 2.5 - my current beast is 2.9kg and far too heavy!)

And finally, all of this for £500 or less!! (If feasibly possible!)

All recommendations gladly received!
Neil Williams - on 27 Apr 2013
In reply to gingerwolf:

What OS do you run? Mine is on Win 8 on 2GB RAM and is not unduly slow. If Vista, I really suggest upgrading to 7 at least.

gingerwolf - on 27 Apr 2013
In reply to Neil Williams: I'm on Windows 7 Home premium - 32-bit

How do you find Windows 8?

And upgrading isn't the problem - the problem is my screen has started to break and the battery life has gone to pot! (and new batteries are scarce for my model of laptop)
Rob Exile Ward on 27 Apr 2013
In reply to gingerwolf: I bought a Toshiba Satellite 3 weeks ago which would seem to tick all your boxes - nice robust case as well.

Only problem is that learning to use Windows 8 is a bit of a chore, so I'm still typing this on my old Tosh with missing keys.
Neil Williams - on 27 Apr 2013
In reply to gingerwolf:

Rotten until you install Classic Shell. Once you do, the same as 7.

wilkie14c - on 27 Apr 2013
In reply to gingerwolf:
Windows 7 32 bit can only use 3 gig of your 4 gig of RAM but a clean registry windows 7 with 3 gig of ram should really zip along. Batteries off ebay <clones not generic> are cheap and work well as long as you don't intend long periods of use away from mains. Whats wrong with the screen? you say its starting to break?
A new lappy with 6 gig would need to be the 64 bit version to be able to get the most from that ram and your budget suggests you'd get something really nice from samsung, asus, lenovo (IBM) 15.6 inch screens are common and very usable. it'd come with a DL DVD R/RW for that money and other extras like multi card reader, bluetooth etc
itsThere on 27 Apr 2013
In reply to gingerwolf: 1TB, how much has your current laptop got, maybe defrag that first.

If your using that much data, buy a decent hdd drive otherwise the rest of the laptop is kinda pointless.
Tall Clare - on 27 Apr 2013
In reply to Rob Exile Ward:

8 is easy! I've just got a Lenovo Z500 which fits the OP's criteria apart from that it has a numeric keypad.
gingerwolf - on 27 Apr 2013
In reply to gingerwolf: thanks for the suggestions so far guys

Ok, maybe 1TB is slightly excessive, I currently have an external HDD and 500GB at present

To answer some of the other questions - I have got a new battery off eBay, but it doesn't last very long
The screen has broken at one of the hinges and now ceases to close

And generally my laptop is battered, bruised, and too heavy to be useful on the go

And thanks for the info on the RAM capabilities blanchie
SteveoS - on 27 Apr 2013
In reply to gingerwolf:
I hate windows 8 as it was made for touch screens.

So I bought a win 7 one from PC World's refurbished section that are just as good (sometimes better) and are cheap(ish)
wilkie14c - on 27 Apr 2013
In reply to gingerwolf: i've dealt with many an advent that has the hinge problem, others too so it isn't just unique to them. Its a shame though as they were great laptops for the time <4 or 5 years ago> Lenovos are v good backed up by tallclare's new one, perhaps have a look at those. Personally I'd stay away from extended warranties and insurance cover that PC world will pressure you with but of course that is up to the individual. I may be interested in buying your old one for spares if you want to offload it when you get sorted. Give me a shout as and when.
gingerwolf - on 27 Apr 2013
In reply to blanchie14c: Thanks blanchie - I'll definitely give you a shout when I replace my current laptop.
Thanks for letting me know it isn't a unique problem with the advents.
Anyone have any other thoughts?
ex0 - on 28 Apr 2013
In reply to gingerwolf:

Don't get HP or Dell. Or anything Dell makes, like Alienware. The asian manufacturers tend to make better quality gear - Acer, Asus, Fuji, Samsung, etc.

Don't get win8 - or if you do have your friendly geek wipe it and chuck win7 on it.
ex0 - on 28 Apr 2013
In reply to gingerwolf: Oh, and don't buy from any sort of high-street vendor. Amazon or Ebuyer. (Ebay works as well)

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