Abroad and lost bank card. Google Pay issue

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 Flinticus 09 Jan 2022

Card lost and showing as suspended on Google Pay. 

Bank said Google Pay should update automatically with new card but it hasn't. 

Anyone advise what to do?

Alreafy phoned bank but they just said it should update.

 Misha 09 Jan 2022
In reply to Flinticus:

If the new card has now been issued, you may be able to get its details via your online banking app (eg my app has a ‘show card details’ section) and then update Apple Pay manually. Or just phone your bank to ask for the details. 

 Flinticus 09 Jan 2022
In reply to Misha:

Sounds a better app than my banking one which doesn't have such a function

In reply to Flinticus:

I wish you the best of luck. I managed to lock both of my cards because I mixed up the pin numbers.

The banks answer was I need to put them in a UK cash machine and they will unlock. I was in the South of France and there was zero provision for that. 

 Flinticus 14 Jan 2022
In reply to Dax H:


Ended up borrowing off a friend and paying back via IBAN transfer via telephone banking.

In reply to Flinticus:

In 2008 in India my bank card wouldn't work (I was on the dole at the time - back in the days before U.C. and sanctions, I think it must have triggered an automatic alert and whoever looked into it found it to be suspicious and put a block on my card). It's a good job I wasn't on my own.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.
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