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 MarkAstley 07 Jun 2022

Hi all 

I'm looking for some good resources to help someone who is struggling with anxiety and self confidence. 

Lots of you have provided advice and the like to others over the years.

Given how stretched our health services are, I'm looking to assist a couple of young adults with anxiety and self confidence struggles, like many they were pole-axed by the lockdowns at what should have been big transitions in their lives.

Any book or website any other recommendations gratefully received. 

Thank you all in advance.


 Jenny C 07 Jun 2022
In reply to MarkAstley:

Not quite what you are asking for, but they can self refer to IAPT for free mental health support - unfortunately though like anything NHS based there is a waiting list.

Hi Mark,

If you google northumbria self help booklets they are a good resource that’s been around many years, there is also an app available for free. (I’m unable to share the link 🤷🏻‍♂️)

Hopefully we will learn from our mistakes and the abusive policies and mandates of 2020 and 2021, and the associated harms they have caused, will never be repeated. 

In reply to MarkAstley:

The CCI website has some good resources and workbooks for a range of issues that might be worth a look

Depending on where they live they might be able to access computerised online CBT for free without needing a self-referral. In wales this is via Silvercloud and I think the same or similar is available in some areas of England. 

The Overcoming Anxiety is good, as are the rest of the Overcoming… series

 Hillseeker 07 Jun 2022
In reply to MarkAstley:

They could try the Qwell service- online support, recommended by the NHS…

OP MarkAstley 07 Jun 2022
In reply to Hillseeker Schrodingers_dog Stuart williams:

Thanks guys.

I'll have a look at them.

Much appreciated. 


 plyometrics 07 Jun 2022
In reply to MarkAstley:

As an “other recommendation” couldn’t advocate simple breathing techniques enough. Wim Hof’s beginners’ breathing session is 11 minutes well spent for anyone wanting to calm the noise. 

Hope they find some solace in one of the Hive Mind’s suggestions. 

 Escher 07 Jun 2022
In reply to MarkAstley: the book Unwinding Anxiety and the app of the same name are both excellent.

 alx 07 Jun 2022
In reply to MarkAstley:

Chatter by Ethan Kross.

It’s basically a compilation of known techniques to help deal with the Chatter in your head. Half anecdotal tale mixed in with the origins of the techniques half a list of them.

 jalien 08 Jun 2022
In reply to MarkAstley:

The VitaMinds service (might be the IAPT that Jenny mentioned?) is free through the NHS and offers a range of solutions with wait times as low as a couple of weeks. Definitely worth accessing if it covers your area.

 AWP84 08 Jun 2022
In reply to MarkAstley:

As Stuart mentioned -

I attended CBT sessions through the NHS for 6 months several years ago and most of the resource sheets they used came from here. It's an Australian site, but UK professionals were using it when I was getting help. I would probably add that the counsellor I met with was also very important, so would definitely recommend talking to a professional as well, if possible.

OP MarkAstley 08 Jun 2022
In reply to AWP84:

Again  thanks for all the responses. 


In reply to MarkAstley:

No resources as such, but looking into the process of being anxious, high state of arousal - raised heart rate - fight or flight state - raised adrenaline levels, anxious thoughts/thoughts which one wouldn't agree would be true if somebody else said them 'people are thinking X about me', and that kind of thing might be helpful. The lady I saw commented that I was among the most anxious people she'd seen, and for me a big breakthrough came when I realised that the outside world stayed the same whether I was anxious or not, so I thought 'Sod it, I'll be anxious if that's how I'm going to be', and it progressively reduced the more I did (there can be a feedback loop created, where one avoids situations because 'they cause anxiety').  There's a process called graduated exposure, too, where one can (for example ) catch a bus progressively further towards overcoming that thing being something one is anxious about. I think becoming more aware of the process of being anxious itself, towards gaining a certain detachment from the process is what ultimately helped. 

I hope that's of some vague help, I didn't really use online resources at the time I was going through it, but I went to anxiety management classes for a short while. I hope things pick up for them.

Edit: Depending on your relationship with them, and their personalities, having a goal to recover for might be helpful, I had not letting certain teenage mistakes 'spoil my lifepath' towards returning my mind to being functional again.

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