/ Anyone on here emigrated to New Zealand?

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Hans - on 10 Jan 2014

Increasingly considering the chances of working in NZ and wondered if anybody had successfully done it? Any tips on the kind of work/quals to gain etc would be appreciated.

Thickhead - on 10 Jan 2014
In reply to Hans:

Check out the skills shortage list.

There's a few of us on here.

Difficult to know really on such limited info.
Hans - on 10 Jan 2014
In reply to Thickhead:

Well, I have a background as a recreation/activities instructor and am a fully qualified climbing instructor working towards my ML. Obviously there must be a fair bit of adventure tourism work in NZ. I just wondered how difficult it would be to get an activities job out there I guess. Willing to get another qualification or two (such as raft guide) to improve chances. Or maybe do an advanced free fall skydiving course or something.

Cheers for the response
tom.fleming17 - on 11 Jan 2014
In reply to Hans:

I found a lot of places liked you to have water based qualies as well as your land based qualies.
New Zealand seemed to have a really good outdoor education programme based in their school system so that would be something else to consider as many schools had an outdoor ed teacher who was qualified.

The climbing quals over their are rock 1 and rock 2. I'm not sure about rock 2 but I think that was mainly multi-pitch and rock 1 was single pitch and fairly sport climbing orientated so if you have your SPA you should be a good step up with anchor based systems and what not.

Good luck, it's well worth it! I regret ever leaving
Thickhead - on 11 Jan 2014
In reply to Hans:

Depending on your age it would be easy to get a working holiday visa. That would give you 2years...

Otherwise, for permanent visas, check out the immigration website. It is changing continually depending on supply and demand.

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