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Crimpchimp - on 19 Feb 2014
Recently I have sold my T4 and bought a caddy. This to me is ideal because of the added economy. The down side is that its a lot smaller. Some people have hiace's. Some ppl have the vivaro's and similar models. My current opinion is that economy wins over luxury and a bivvy bag can always be utilised for longer, fair weather trips. If you're very lucky u may be able to afford two or more vehicles and have a vehicle for everything. What's the best option for you? Looking forward to seeing the replys. People get very passionate about their vehicles!
Mr Ed - on 19 Feb 2014
In reply to Crimpchimp:

Have a Caddy Maxi. Been a great buy so far. Huge amounts of space compared even to something like a volvo or passat. Not brilliant mpg but not bad ~40mpg with sea kayaks on the roof. ~45mpg without. Can put the middle seats down and sleep on a makeshift bed full stretch. I'm 6'4". If I was to do it again though not sure I might just go for a T5- saying that they were a fair bit pricier.
Tom V - on 19 Feb 2014
In reply to Crimpchimp:

I recently got rid of an old style 1993 Nissan vanette camper.
It gave me three brilliant years touring the UK but I got a bit worried about spares and I was always a bit edgy about the driving position - you sit in the crumple zone.

What is taking my interest now is the latest reincarnation of the Vanette- the NV200. Roomy, very economical and one or two professional converters about.

Of course, it would mean getting rid of the Octavia... ;(
sihills - on 19 Feb 2014
In reply to Crimpchimp:

Just like you downgraded from a lwb t4 camper to a swb caddy.

remapped to 150bhp, goes like stink, still get around 45mpg, kitted out as a camper, with a 6ft bed in the back, cooker, sink etc. The bouldering mats go on the roof in the roofbox!

much better as a daily drive than the t4 was, but for long trips away i still miss the space I had in the t4.
katherinesydney - on 19 Feb 2014
In reply to Crimpchimp:

I'm part of the caddy gang, too. I spent two months living in it last summer and had (slim) friends stay in it with me. It's the perfect size for one, but I wouldn't want to spend any extended period of time in it with two or in the rain: filling it with wet things does not a happy-katherine make. I've been coveting the slightly-bigger-ness of the maxi (and a turbo), but in general I love my van.
Crimpchimp - on 20 Feb 2014
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Excellent. Yep agree with all. Wouldn't go back to a car. Caddy seems like a good compromise. Also fiat scudo and Peugeot dispatch look great. Maybe a roof box for wet gear?

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