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David Cowley - on 21:44 Fri

So, walked past the Bowderstone hut the today with little legs and noticed some windows weren't bordered up so had a spy through. The place has been completely gutted and re plastered and re floored with the fireplaces being replaced with log burners and a new drainage system had been installed outside and new plumbing supplying the water to inside

Question is who now owns/leases the place and what is it going to be used for

Last I heard was the NMC had given up their lease due to structural issues and it was back under the responsibility of the NT. I'd heard the roof was sinking which was causing it to push the walls out and it would cost a small bomb to repair. Was a cracking little hut to stay in. It's still got the NMC sign on the door

Lord_ash2000 - on 22:00 Fri
In reply to David Cowley:

No idea who is doing it up but they have been working on it for a few months now at least. Glad someone is making use of it though, before that I'd heard roumor the national trust were going to take the roof off and let it go to ruin to add some 'character' to the place. 

bouldery bits - on 22:06 Fri
In reply to David Cowley:

I would like to stay there if the opportunity arose. 

veteye on 22:07 Fri
In reply to David Cowley:

Yes it is well placed and a good place to have a club hut meeting.

I last was there about 15 years ago, and had a great time. I do remember having to go(2-3 times) and re-site the flexible pipe further into the almost horizontal mine shaft, way up the hillside, in order to get it to stay under water and to siphon back to the hut. 

I would love to go back there.


Henry Iddon - on 23:17 Fri
In reply to David Cowley:

I heard it's going to be the ticket office for the new Bowderstone zipwire / Lakes Helibiking

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bouldery bits - on 23:19 Fri
In reply to Henry Iddon:

Too soon.

spenser - on 19:49 Sat
In reply to David Cowley:

It was the first hut which I stayed in, a couple of years later when I moved back to Newcastle for a bit I ended up joining the club. I'd definitely be keen to revisit at some point in the future.


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