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Run_Ross_Run - on 17 Jul 2017

Just looking for some information regarding campsites within easy walking distance of Scafell.

Looking to head up end of the 1st week of the holidays for just a night.

Any campsites that will allow a single night on a weekend while the kids are off?

As long as it has showers and decent(ish) facilities, should be all i need.


Andypeak - on 17 Jul 2017
In reply to Run_Ross_Run:

Wasdale head Inn. They don't take bookings
Jon Stewart - on 18 Jul 2017
In reply to Run_Ross_Run:

Quickest walk up to Scafell is from Wasdale - but it's a bastard to drive to from anywhere except Wasdale. As Andy says you've got the camping at the Inn, but be warned you park on the village green and carry your stuff (over a stile?) into the small campground. Not sure about facilities...can't think there are hot showers or anything. A better bet in Wasdale might be the NT campsite - not been but assume it's pleasant but a bit expensive and rather too organised.

If you'd rather do the longer walk and shorter drive from/to Borrowdale, the campsite at Stonethwaite is lovely, by the river (midges) in a wonderful setting and a mile or two down the road/path from the start of the walk at Seathwaite. Facilities are basic, doubt the showers are hot. There is camping at Seathwaite, the start of the walk, no idea about facilities.

NT campsite at Langdale is dead easy to drive to, good quality campsite (expensive, too organised, barrier = no late arrival, etc), but that's a fair old trek to Scafell (Pike). Lots of people do it though, great if you want a really big day on the hill.

Eskdale has a number of good campsites with good facilities, quite a drive but not as far as Wasdale, and definitely the most beautiful approach to Scafell. A wonderful days walking from a beautiful, quiet valley. This would probably be my favourite option.
Martin McKenna - UKC - on 18 Jul 2017
In reply to Run_Ross_Run:

The National Trust campsite at the bottom of Scafell was nice. Good facilities and clean. It's a proper organised campsite though. Felt more like glamping. For the 2 of us + tent it was £36 for 2 nights! I was a bit taken aback when the woman behind the counter told me that!

Regarding the Wasdale Head Inn camping, it was certainly a lot cheaper, you're also very close to the pub, but when we passed the tent's were literally side by side, around 40 tents on a tiny patch of grass. I'm glad we paid the extra for the NT campsite tbh having seen that. The Inn also was absolutely rammed when we went. Food was ok, nothing great.

If you have kids with you, definitely the NT campsite. It looked properly kid friendly and there were other kids running about kicking a ball about.

Tom Last - on 18 Jul 2017
In reply to Run_Ross_Run:

Chapel House Farm is the other campsite on the Borrowdale side (Stonethwaite). A good and friendly site.

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