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Epic Ebdon on 22 Apr 2013
I suspect (though I'm not sure) that one of the wheel bearings on my car is on its way out. It's fairly quiet at the moment, but there is a definite speed dependant noise when turning slightly in one direction, and not in the other - it certainly doesn't sound like a CV joint.

My question is, how much of a terrible idea is it to drive on it for a short while? I'll get it fixed at the earliest possible opportunity, but it would be great if I didn't have to do it tomorrow!

So, what could happen? Wheel fall off? Obviously, I'd take it carefully, and if it gets really loud, I'd stop driving, but otherwise, what could go wrong?

Thanks in advance!
VwJap on 22 Apr 2013 -
In reply to Epic Ebdon:
I had one go on my old van, as in collapse, basically drove on 3 wheels for a mile, had no noises until a almighty rumble and a wobbly steering wheel, Aa called for that as I didn't have a spare, but I have heard of taxi drivers driving for a couple of days!!
phja - on 22 Apr 2013
In reply to Epic Ebdon:

I drove to Font and back with mine making a similar noise...don't want to advocate driving on it though...would get it changed ASAP!

Did have one fail on me at 70mph on the motorway...not great!

Thing never know when it will fail completely.
Tall Clare - on 22 Apr 2013
In reply to Epic Ebdon:

I'd unknowingly hoofed around with a very dicky rear offside one for about a month when it went with a clunk then a horrible noise. Thankfully I was going slowly at the time, without a car full of people, so the damage was minimal.

I say change it sooner rather than later.
Epic Ebdon on 22 Apr 2013
In reply to all:

Thanks ladies and gents. All comments of course taken with a pinch of salt, and thoroughly disclaimed I think I'm going to head to work with it tomorrow, drive like a grandad, only turn right ;-) and see how it goes. I just called our mechanic neighbour who's going to be home tomorrow and take a look at it, so hopefully he can confirm it, get the parts ordered, and have it fixed by the end of the week. I'm certainly not planning on just driving round till it explodes on me!

Thanks for the advice!

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.