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 veteye 14 Nov 2022

I thought that there was a problem with cling film declared a few years ago. Was it that it transmitted co-carcinogens to food coming into contact with it? I cannot remember; yet it seems that we are back to getting sold cheese wrapped entirely in cling film. Has the film itself changed in it's chemical make-up? Or is it that it is less of problem than at first declared? Or is it that there is no rule/law, so the supermarkets do not pay heed?

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 Richard J 14 Nov 2022
In reply to veteye:

I believe cling film used to be made from halogenated polymers like PVC or PVDF that needed a low molecular weight plasticiser to be added to make the film flexible and sticky; there were concerns that these materials could diffuse out into foodstuffs. I think nowadays cling film is more likely to be made from grades  of low density polyethylene that have the required properties without the need for additives.  There certainly are regulations about food contact materials (at least, up to the time when we bin all retained EU law, as it was the European Food Safety Agency that made them).

OP veteye 14 Nov 2022
In reply to Richard J:

So buying supermarket food in cling film is now safe?

 Richard J 15 Nov 2022
In reply to veteye:

I don’t think this needs to be near the top of our list of things to worry about.

OP veteye 15 Nov 2022
In reply to Richard J:

Until it comes back to bite you on the bum.

 Uncle Derek 15 Nov 2022
In reply to veteye:

Depends who you believe .

Irish Food Standards =Safe
Daily Mail = Death on a Stick
BBC =Probably
The Guardian = Use Beeswax instead.

I have not fully read any of the links posted, and have just read the clickbait headlines, as this is the UKC way.

 petemeads 15 Nov 2022
In reply to veteye:

Tesco sell their own polyethylene cling film and no longer stock the Baco film that has a decent dispenser/refill system. The Tesco film does not cling and cannot stand much heating but claims to be able to wrap anything. Baco film does not declare its polymer but claims to meet current eec standards as a food wrap. Neither product allows heating of wrapped foodstuffs, the film must be used as a lidding agent when heating. The Tesco melts in a conventional oven at 110 degrees and is thus useless (but cheap).

I have invested heavily in the Baco product, 6 rolls from the manufacturer should see us through the next few years, and I happily wrap cheese with it.

In reply to Uncle Derek:

Surprised to see you contributing to this thread given your recent sweary strop about non-experts replying to questions of food safety.

In reply to petemeads:

You put cling film in the oven? 

Removed User 15 Nov 2022
In reply to veteye:

Cling film became substantially less 'clingy' after the change. I think the supposed danger was related to the film contacting fatty food stuffs, I assume because the solubility of the plasticisers.

 daWalt 15 Nov 2022
In reply to veteye:

Some films sell themselves as "pvc free", I understand that to mean others do contain pvc.

I use this stuff myself. I think there's a slow brewing disaster happening with all sorts of nasty chemicals in the environment. Pvc probably isn't the worst of them, but nevertheless, I'll prefer to avoid it where I can. 

In reply to veteye:

Wrap in foil/baking paper.

For heating stuff in the microwave, put a plate on top.

 Jenny C 15 Nov 2022
In reply to veteye:

Wasn't it back in the '90s when there was a health concern about using clingfilm on fatty foods (cheese, meats). Pretty sure as others have said they quickly brought out a safe alternative which can be used with any foodstuffs.

More importantly though cheese needs to breathe, wrapping in clingfilm makes it go sweaty and horrid (a quality rather than safety issue). Much better to use baking parchment or a beeswax wrap which will absorb excess moisture, then place into a tupperware box.

 petemeads 15 Nov 2022
In reply to Stuart Williams:

Yes, but only at 110 degrees. That's how I cook basmati rice - boil briefly in the mike then park, covered, in the oven with the warming plates, it steams really well in 15 mins.

OP veteye 16 Nov 2022
In reply to Jenny C:

Part of the problem is that the delicatessan counter at the supermarket often wraps the cheese in cling film.

I suppose one answer is to eat less cheese and lose some weight, albeit a modest amount in my case. Plus stop going to conferences and reunions. Thus stopping eating more than I would otherwise be inclined to do.

In reply to Uncle Derek:

Without reading it of course, I *assume* the Daily Heil is sensible enough to distinguish between foreign cheese (dangerous: listeria, xenoestrogens, immigrants) and good British Cheddar (safe: nutritious, traditional for generations, calcium rich) as part of cling film safety?

In reply to TheDrunkenBakers:

We use the recyclable bees wax covers for lots of stuff. The slight heat from your hands moulds it onto the container. Great if you have tubs with no lids, or for ‘clinging’ straight onto the dish with the leftovers in.

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