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Covid catcher reports

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 loose overhang 21 Nov 2020

Does anyone want to share their own Covid 19 catcher reports.  It seems most folks who get the virus have no serious symptoms, a few get quite ill and sadly some folks die.

I ask because I work as a front-line health care volunteer, play sports, climb and hike and try to be as safe as possible.

What are your stories?

 dabble 21 Nov 2020
In reply to loose overhang:

I've been fortunate enough to stay healthy. My sister however works in an office and caught it two weeks ago; mild symptoms to start with- cough and slight headache. She's now fully into it with symptoms being nausea, dizziness, loss of taste and smell, headache and a persistent cough. Spoke to her a couple of days ago and she sounded chronic, weak and a bit scared. She's 28 so hopefully she'll be young and healthy enough to send it packing. 

It's concerning.

In reply to dabble:

Wishing your sister a speedy recovery.

In reply to loose overhang:

Not myself, but a good friend of mine and most of his family contracted COVID just as the restrictions were being introduced in March. Four of them got it, with symptoms ranging from mild to hospitalisation.

My friends wife (44) - Mild symptoms.

My friend (57, but very fit) - More severe symptoms, described it as very unpleasant.

My friends sister-in-law (40s) - Admitted to hospital with breathing difficulties, but was only in for a few  days and recovered fairly quickly afterwards.

My friends Mum (84) - Admitted to hospital with breathing difficulties, was in for a week and had a slow recovery at home.

Two children under 10 as well, but they either didn't get it or if they did where completely asymptomatic.

In reply to loose overhang:

My workmate (early 40's female), husband and 2 kids under 10 caught it. She had what she described as bad flu for a couple of weeks, as did the kids, but not as severe. The husband, who was a very fit guy in his early 40's, was hospitalised, but didn't need ITU. He's still not right, lots of joint pain, really fatigued all the time. Does not sound good at all in his case.

 Anti-faff 21 Nov 2020
In reply to loose overhang:

Both my partner and I have had it. I just felt like I was coming down with something, felt tired and a bit bunged up but without any mucus. I didn’t think much of it as I’d been working long hours and figured I was just at a low ebb. I started to feel a bit better but then lost my sense of taste and smell so got a test and it came back positive. This was about six weeks ago and I still have no smell whatsoever and very little taste. My partner hasn’t experienced any loss of smell or taste but she was completely knackered for about three weeks. I know a few others who have had it ranging from almost no symptoms to death. A guy who my partner works with lost both his parents within forty minutes of each other. Awful. 

 loose overhang 21 Nov 2020
In reply to loose overhang:

Thanks to you all for sharing your experiences.  I don't know any close contacts who have had it, only two people who live far away and both seem to be doing "okay"

I live alone, but have a partner who lives about 100 miles away in the US.  We haven't spent time together since early March, but Skype regularly.  It's good to learn as much as I can about this.

I hope you all stay safe.

Cheers, Andrew

In reply to loose overhang:

I'm 41, fit and well. For me it was exactly like flu: woke up shivering/sweating with a bad headache and knew there was no way I was going into work. Next day was a bit worse with really bad back/joint aches plus the fever, third day slightly better as was the fourth day (fever totally gone I think) with no headache/joint pains. The tight chest started around then, which was mild. No cough, no congestion (for this reason, my symptoms were preferable to the flus I've had).

I'm totally recovered a few weeks later. I've had definitely had worse flus (e.g. swine flu) where the cough and fatigue has lasted for weeks. 

While we're on the subject, it's worth noting that when people say "you've not got flu, if you've got flu you couldn't even bend down to pick a £20 note off the floor - you'd be in bed for 2 weeks" etc., they're talking bollocks. For me, flu just like covid involves about 3 days of fever when I couldn't go into work (but I can get out of bed to make a drink, heat up some soup, etc), then recovering gradually over the next week or so. On the other hand, the advertisers who say that their "cold and flu" remedy will allow you to go into work like normal when you've got flu are bullshit of the opposite variety. I'm sure my response to these viruses are pretty normal: if you can go to work but feel crap with a blocked up nose and fatigue, it's a cold; but if you've got fever (shivery, sweating, temperature) then it's something worse and you won't be going to work that week.

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In reply to loose overhang:

Long covid - 6 months in. Its rubbish. Improvements are glacially slow. Fatigue, shortness of breath, burning lungs, aching limbs.

Lots of resting. Lucky to have supportive employers so can do reduced hours. Lucky I was fit and healthy beforehand. Lucky to have understanding family. 

I have gone from 400km audax bike rides and full winter days on the Ben to trying to get to ten thousand steps on a fitbit. 

Still, I'll be right. Got into sitting down a lot, birdwatching. But it won't beat me. I'll get climbing again. Still haven't done Orion Face, finished the Munros and the 4000m peaks of the Alps.

Good luck to anyone else who is ill out there. 

 Si dH 21 Nov 2020
In reply to loose overhang:

My 3yo son had it late August. Mostly just full of snot for ten days but one day of coughing on day 4 (hence the test.) Not the classic symptoms at all.

I'm fairly sure I got it from him (I'm 36 and for/healthy) - I picked up a very occasional dry cough the day after his test and then subsequently (probably since late September until now) I've had a persistent sort of strange chemically smell that I can smell very regularly. I didn't get a test as the cough was so occasional I didn't know if it met the testing criteria (if I didn't have a positive case coming to sleep with us every night and blowing raspberries, probably not) and because of the dates when my son and I got our symptoms, if I had tested positive my isolation period wouldn't have changed. I later regretted not getting the test anyway as I realised the cough was a classic Covid cough and wanted to be sure. It was all extremely mild, even when I had the cough I could climb at full energy on my home board.  Less severe than a normal cold. We got lucky.

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 dabble 21 Nov 2020
In reply to Vanessa Simmons:

Thank you  

 peebles boy 21 Nov 2020
In reply to loose overhang:

Girlfriend had dry cough, fatigue, short of breath. 10 days from start to finish.

I felt like I had flu, but with no symptoms, just the fatigue - proper "sit down halfway up the stairs" fatigue. 4weeks til i felt properly better.

No loss of smell for either of us, no cough for me, though my uncle reckons he had it too, and we both had what felt like a burnt roof of mouth for several days (like after you've bit into a too-hot pizza). 

(But neither of us had burnt our mouths)

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