/ Damaged articular cartilage of the shoulder joint

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Rigid Raider 14 May 2019

I broke my clavicle in a bike crash last August and as a bonus got a frozen shoulder. Had a capsular release op five weeks ago and it appears to have been successful; after lots of painful stretching the capsule is healing with very good movement and last Friday, impressed with my recovery, the consultant discharged me, which was just over four weeks after the op.

However as a souvenir he handed me the photos he took of the inside of the joint by arthroscopy. The surface of the ball of humerus should be smooth and white like a boiled egg but mine looks more like a fuzzy photo of the surface of Mars, quite bumpy and blotchy. There are no tears visible. The consultant was cagey about the future of the joint but said that with continued use it could improve itself, saying "you don't look like the sort of chap who sits around doing nothing". So now I'm worried that I may be heading for arthritis in 10 to 20 years (I'm 63) and I'm keen to know more about this and what I can do to improve things long-term. 

Are there any orthopods on here or anybody who has had the same trauma-related damage?  

How likely is it that I can improve the articular surface by regular exercise and are there any dietary supplements that have a value beyond folkloric?

La benya 14 May 2019
In reply to Rigid Raider:

I would have thought most 83 year olds have arthritis, no?

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.