/ Exercises to improve tricep tendon elbow injury?

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jonnie3430 - on 20 Apr 2011

I've had a bad elbow for about a year and a half and have been to the physio about it, but nothing seems to be working as its just popped up again.

When bending the elbow, it feels like something has caught around the tip of the elbow and hurts on the side leading to the upper arm. The physio recommended massaging any painful areas around here to breakdown scar tissue, which I've been doing and it seems to release whats caught.

I was wondering if anyone had had similar and what they recommend to fix it? I'm looking for strengthening exercises in particular, but would find any tips useful.

stp - on 21 Apr 2011
In reply to jonnie3430:

Don't know that specific injury. I chipped the bone off that part of my elbow then had it wired back together but no particular problems other than the elbow now a different shape to the other one.

As for exercises something that strengthens the muscles will also strengthen the tendons. For triceps dips are brilliant if you can fit some bars up somewhere. If not then push ups are good. Both exercises will be more on the triceps and less on the chest if your arms are closer together - though for dips you're obviously limited by the bars you use.

It's usually suggested that building tendon strength requires very heavy weights to best stimulate growth: ie. sets where you fail after only a few reps or sets of negative only repetitions (lowering the weight).

However that probably not be advisable for injury rehab and lighter sets will probably be better. I think that by moving the tendon through it's sheath the idea is the scar tissue gradually breaks down - so long as you don't make it worse.
Timmd on 21 Apr 2011
In reply to jonnie3430:

Have you been given ultrasound by the physio to break down the scar tissue, or exercises to do with a theraband?

I've never had the same thing though.

Good luck.
psaunders - on 21 Apr 2011
In reply to jonnie3430: Have a look at this article, which has some good suggestions:
jonnie3430 - on 21 Apr 2011
In reply to psaunders:

Cheers, I was lost initially thinking it was golfers or tennis elbow, but the physio got it right with triceps tendon. (And he gave me ultrasound too.) Triceps pressups it is, with a triceps weight exercise too.

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