Fakro Loft Ladder

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 David Kay 20:57 Thu

Slightly strange request - I've tried some DIY forums with no avail.

Does anyone have a Fakro loft ladder? I'd like to ask you a few questions about the hinges if so!


 bigdrew 22:10 Thu
In reply to David Kay:

I fitted one in my last house so may be able to help?. What's the question....

In reply to David Kay:

I’ve got one.

 David Kay 10:18 Fri

Thanks for the responses - can you tell me whether the hinges between the ladder sections are removable or are they ‘anti-tamper’ style fixings?

I have an awkward space to work with so would like to reduce the minimum ceiling height further with some after market modifications.

In reply to David Kay:

Based on my one which is a three section ladder one and is approx 5 yrs old in case it makes any difference - there are no anti tamper fixings anywhere. All appear to be standard cross head screws, hexagon headed bolts and T nuts (though there are two hex headed bolts for the top hinge of the brackets that stop the door dropping fully).

The top ladder section that is fixed to the hatch door has four two way (up/down along door and in/out to door) adjustable slider brackets as standard all fixed using standard cross head screws. Mine has scope therefore for minor adjustments to move the ladder up or down by a max of approx 55mm based on that alone which allows some adjustment to cope with over all length for floor coverings etc. 

Out with the standard adjustment, I have my own thoughts that there are quite a few other ways to make some form of length adjustments. If you wish to hear them let me know.

 chris_r 15:17 Fri
In reply to David Kay:

I cut the legs on the bottom of the third section down to the correct length for my landing height, that's very simple. If you need to take the entire section off, mine is held on by 8mm headed bolts, nothing special.

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