Flying ant evening

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They just popped out en masse at Kip's Crag in the Ochils, literally between doing one route and the next!


 Cobra_Head 21 Jul 2021
In reply to skog:

Nothing here yet

I quite like flying ant day.

 girlymonkey 21 Jul 2021
In reply to skog:

Yes, the walk out from Cockburn's reservoir the last few evenings have been swarming with them too!

In reply to skog:

I had a brief flurry on Saturday, which made sitting out a bit unpleasant, but I have a feeling the real flying ant day is yet to come

In reply to balmybaldwin:

Yeah, it seems a wee bit early, doesn't it? Really warm, though, I suppose that's why.

In reply to skog:

Given the number and size of spiders, the size of bracken etc after the wet may and june and sudden good weather I'm expecting a plague like event of some sort of insect this year. It would seem fitting for recent events

In reply to skog:

Seagulls were going bonkers for them yesterday afternoon here, to the extent that they were showing up on air traffic control's radar as they congregated in the air to eat them in flight.

In reply to Toerag:

Pretty amazing stuff.

I heard about the 17-year cicadas showing up on the American rainfall radar a few weeks ago, too.

Anyway, I saw a car the other day with registration C9ULL - made me chuckle, anyway. (Especially as my ornithologist friend had just been telling me off for using the term!)

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