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Gear availability after brexit

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 Andy Johnson 11 Jan 2021


Outdoor Brands Stop Shipping To The UK Amid Brexit Chaos

 Alyson30 11 Jan 2021
In reply to Andy Johnson:

There has a been a number of posts from people trying to buy/sell gear from and to the EU and finding it a nightmare.
These things will eventually be smoothed out (with the extra costs being passed down the the consumer...) And less incentive for UK based retailed to keep prices low

 jbrom 11 Jan 2021
In reply to Andy Johnson:

Cue the usual suspects rushing in to explain how it's everyone's fault but those that voted for Brexit.

Bonus points for the 'no one predicted this' trope, of which there are numerous threads on UKC and social media to show otherwise.

I do hope this will find it's way out in the wash....... but someone will pay and I doubt it will be government, and more likely to be consumers than manufacturers or retailers.

 wercat 11 Jan 2021
In reply to jbrom:

We can expect to regress to the halcyon days of the 1970s when, before the intervention of the EC, car prices were so much higher in the UK  that some people imported cars from "The Continent" and had them adapted for for our roads.  Or went to bold buccaneering middlemen who would take a cut for the same, rather than just  being able to go to a dealer to get a fair price.  Wonderful.

Brexiteers, to use the original Kishornese - Awah ter F*ck with yae!

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 jethro kiernan 11 Jan 2021
In reply to wercat:

In all fairness to the Brexit voters the've been very restrained in not rubbing  remainers noses in all the Brexit success stories.

 JLS 11 Jan 2021
In reply to jethro kiernan:

This is still just preseason training. You just wait until the U.K. is properly match fit. Then you’ll see trade. Once I get my glass beads for gold trade with the Americas up and running our balance of trade figures will rocket. We’ll talk nose rubbing later.

In reply to Andy Johnson:

It's definitely abit odd right now but the brands I deal with are mainly based in Europe and I know one of them isn't doing any orders into the UK during January just so they can sort the correct pricing and any relevant documentation to get into the UK as seamlessly as possible. The other brands are in the same position. 

It's not the end of the world and it will get sorted out. Biggest issue right now is the shipping companies wacking their prices sky high just because they can.

All sub ideal but it will sort itself out. Just might take till the Spring to do so.

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.