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L Phil12012 06 Oct 2019

Please help!!!! So I was diagnosed with h pylori three times! None of the treatments have been successful. Just recently I started having pain in my neck and they found a couple of swollen lymph nodes. They assured me none of them looked cancerous but no one ever told me the reason for them being enlarged. Now I’m having swollen veins in my neck, like they almost bulge when I talk and they kind of hurt. I also have shortness of breath at times. Please help 

David55 06 Oct 2019
In reply to Phil12012:

I  am  sorry  to  read this  early in the morning  and  you are clearly  distressed .

It is early Sunday morning and getting  a medical  opinion now will be  difficult.  I  suggest you  start by ringing the NHS helpline 111. They in part run to a script and will keep  asking you about bleeding, breathlessness and pain, but  stick with it.

When my wife was taken ill during the night some months ago, they were helpful. 

I hope you  get sorted and well.

Dan Arkle 06 Oct 2019

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Lymph nodes are part of your immune system.  If they swell, it's often just a sign that they are doing their job- fighting the infection. 

It may be very uncomfortable, but it is a little like complaining that your engine gets warm when you drive your car! 

Although I shouldn't give much advice over the Internet - it's highly likely that you will be ok. Get seen when you can, but the worrying is likely to be a lot worse than reality. 


This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.