/ Help please; want download/internet 'limiter' does it exist ?

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sarahjk - on 27 Jan 2013
Looking for technical help as I am definitely a bit clueless with internet/computer things.

I recently changed my phone/internet package to get 60Gb a month of internet stuff. We had previously regularly gone over our 40 a month limit.

I have 2 teens who use xbox/laptop/youtube etc LOTS !

Is there a [cheap and easy] way I can distribute and limit the amount of capacity we each have ? And when they have used their share they, and not me, can pay for the overage ?! Switching modem off etc is not really an option, I want to use it and dont think that will help them to realise how much they are using. We each have 2 'gadgets' that access it at the moment.

Thanks in advance.

Petarghh - on 27 Jan 2013
In reply to sarahkeast: Just get an unlimited package ? :S
Lion Bakes on 27 Jan 2013
In reply to sarahkeast:

If a modern router you can often limit access and or bandwidth by IP address. You'd need to set the router to fix the IP address of each device laptop, Xbox etc. you do their by fixing he IP for thir MAC address. The MAC address is unique to a device , can be faked but I'm sure your kids aren't that advanced.

Old modems use usually only have limits on when they can access Internet. So you could do that to start with. Maybe only allow 6pm till 10pm during week.

Windows 7 could limit their bandwidth by user account , through the policy editor, but wouldn't deal with Xbox.
sarahjk - on 27 Jan 2013
In reply to Petarghh:

Cant afford it.
idiotproof (Buxton MC) - on 27 Jan 2013
In reply to sarahkeast:

the other option is I suppose set a lower limit, and when that is then used change the wifi password so only you can access it.... at the start of the new billing month change it back
Milesy - on 27 Jan 2013
what type of router do you have? make/model
tallsteve - on 28 Jan 2013
In reply to sarahkeast: Are you with BT?

I use the talk talk unlimited tariff. Cheap as chips, occasionally a little slow at peak periods. My teenager complains occasionally, but then he complains about everything. Four computers connected including 2 teenagers, one gaming the other watching vids - so I guess it may be slow because of the network usage.

Some people complain about Talk Talk tech support. Look its cheap, so don't expect gold star support. Otherwise its fine.

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