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Stanners - on 22 Apr 2014
Ey up everyone,
Got told today that I have passed through all of the selection process for RN Aircrewman. Im off to Raleigh in October, with the intention to go on to work in the commando helicopter force, and was wondering what to expect, what will make my life easier and generally any useful things to know ! There has got to be some RN personnel on ukc surely ?!

also an update on those who gave me loads of good advice on the marines over the last year, I have got my reserve force commando course next month ! best start doing some phys
jshields - on 22 Apr 2014
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Good luck.
Tricky Dicky - on 22 Apr 2014
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Try asking at the rum ration
deepstar - on 22 Apr 2014
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Best of luck Rob,you'll be fine!
drmarten on 22 Apr 2014
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Lots of parade ground stuff, lots of cleaning, lots of ironing and kit musters! After a couple of weeks or so of this you should question why you bothered joining, but be assured it's nothing like the real navy. If you know how to iron your kit and read up on some general naval knowledge you'll have a head start. There is a series of Youtube videos called Nozzers about Raleigh in the 80's, the bones of the training will remain the same as Raleigh is about introducing you to the navy and making you walk/talk like a matelot.
Forget the booze and social life - opportunities will be limited anyway - it's only 10 weeks, keep your head down and put the effort in. The reward is down the line. You'll know more about the current fitness standards than me, it doesn't look like you'll have any issues there which gives you more time for ironing while your messmates are doing remedial PT
Make sure you can handle being away from home, a lot of younger people leave in the first few weeks when the chance is still there because they don't like being away from home or a girlfriend etc.
The FAA should be quite an interesting place to be in the coming years, good luck.

Stanners - on 22 Apr 2014
In reply to drmarten:

thanks a lot, feeling positive about it. Nozzers vids are good so far, glad I get a summer of climbing in before I start though! cheers
Cheese Monkey - on 23 Apr 2014
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I did a week of 'team leader' training out of there. Also spent time at Collingwood and Sultan. The simulated fire fighting and sinking ship were insane at Raleigh. I got made team leader for the sinking ship, probably the most stressful situation I have been in! Plenty of great climbing nearby if you get a break and Plymouth isn't the worst night out. Good luck!
shiner - on 23 Apr 2014
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Unless things have changed and I am unaware, you cant actually join as an aircrewman. It is a branch that you transfer into from your source branch. Similar to PTI and Naval Police.
Jonny2vests - on 23 Apr 2014
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When you've finished with all the bullshit, make sure you turn up to the Navy and the Inter-services climbing comps. You'll clean up at your grades.
Duncan Turner - on 23 Apr 2014
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new(ish) wall at Raleigh, worth a punt if you get the chance, although you will find that the basic training is long hours of, as said before, matloeizing! Give me a yell if you want to know more about the comps. regards
Little Brew - on 23 Apr 2014
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It is designed to break you then make you! i have friends from the RNR who do 2 weeks, i never got down there in my 2 years as RNR, but mates did and even 2 weeks was hard.

Make sure your fitness is up - 1.5 mile run times (worth checking what you need to do for your age range) situps, Press-ups, Squat thrusts and .... (cant remember the 4th Sorry!)

always remember it is designed to break then make you and you will be ok, oh and i can still get a boiler suit folded to A4 size!! all your locker kit - Trousers Shirts and boiler suit must be folded to A4 size, boots shined to a glass finish - Parade gloss sucks, use normal polish! and never put your white top down white side to the ground!!!
Stanners - on 23 Apr 2014
In reply to shiner:

they opened the branch to direct entry for the first time in decades at the start of this year. Transition to Merlin from the seaking has doubled the number of aircrew needed, thankfully!
Stanners - on 23 Apr 2014
thanks for the heads up about climbing comp potential guys, will definitely look into it once I'm through Raleigh
Stanners - on 23 Apr 2014
In reply to Little Brew:
cheers mate

not worried about the fitness 'too' much…but ironing…I hate with a passion - although I'm sure I'll learn to love it
Little Brew - on 23 Apr 2014
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I recommend an ipod to escape in to when Ironing! i hate it but Hubby loves that i can get his shirts looking fab with only 1 crease not the 3-5 he manages to put in the sleeve! i resist the urge to fold them to A4 for him though... might make him iron his own though....
PaulTanton - on 23 Apr 2014
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Yep, loads of marching, scrubbing and other bollix to put up with. Just remember it's all a game. If you play the game you'll be fine. Don't question the stupidity of it. You'll hear the term "Effort" banded about a lot. If they can see your trying your best you should be fine. Don't try and bullshit them. The parade ground stuff can be tedious and humiliating but also a good laugh. I had to double around the parade ground shouting 'I am a wan&er' cos I couldn't do some marching thing. But I wasn't alone.

The FAA is a good option. You get the best of the travel etc without being stuck in Devonport dockyard while the ship gets refitted. FAA has some good bases for a climber.

I wish you the very best of luck
Radioactiveman - on 23 Apr 2014
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Get used to swallowing bullshit,ironing,boot polishing, marching round in circles while saluting grunters,and general other bullshit. Dont worry you will have plenty of fun and make some good mates.

Make sure you can pass the swimming test,a few failed when I was there which quite funny. The phys is pretty easy if you have a good level of fitness

Go to wheelers in torpoint if you get a chance and jesters in plymouth.

Get some decent insoles for your boots or they will be unforgiving, buy a spare white shirt from stores so you can wear it at night without having to use one from your clean ironed kit

take a piece of stiff a4 cad/plastic to use as a size template for kit musters.

You will fail a kit muster even if it your gear isa ok just to piss you about

take a gas fag lighter to remove threads from clothing.

Buy a bloody good iron.

cant think of anymore atm.

Stanners - on 23 Apr 2014
thanks to all the above, mega helpful and encouraging but realistic too. A4 template, extra white shirt and a thrash metal playlist to keep me awake! danke schon !
Gordonbp - on 23 Apr 2014
In reply to PaulTanton:

Marching? The Navy? BWAHAHAHAHA!
Stanners - on 24 Apr 2014
In reply to Gordonbp:

Should he have said 'Drill' or are you a pongo ;) ?
Andypeak - on 24 Apr 2014
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learn to iron. learn to bull boots. As long as you can do that have a reasonable level of fittness and can except the odd bollocking even if it wasn't your fault you will be fine. I did it about 11 years ago I doubt much will have changed
MarkDavies36 on 25 Apr 2014
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This is from around the time I was there. Don't know if it's changed much; I hope not!! ;o)

Enjoy your time. Put up with the B.S. as it gets better the longer you are in.

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