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Mr Goose on 19 Nov 2012 - []
So I need to get a ring made up holding a stone that I have acquired. Any recommendations in the big smoke?

Design will be nothing too fancy, just white gold or platinum holding a single diamond.

Good hunting.


paul walters - on 20 Nov 2012
In reply to Mr Goose: Not in London, but I have just bought an engagement ring from Serendipity Diamonds on the Isle of Wight. It was made to order and there are loads of reviews saying that they'd made stuff to match other jewellery. The service I got was incredible. I cannot recommend them enough. Give Drina a ring on 01983 567283. She was incredibly helpful.
Tom Packer - on 20 Nov 2012
In reply to Mr Goose:

I used these guys a few years back -

They make the jewellery in the back of the shop. I spent an age in there while they patiently explained all the machinery they had and the processes they used. Found it fascinating.

One of the brothers that runs it is a climber.

davidbeynon on 20 Nov 2012
In reply to Mr Goose:

Another one not in london

but Nicholas Wylde in Bath did a great job when I bought an engagement ring & wedding rings. He specialises in platinum and palladium too.
BoulderBus - on 20 Nov 2012
In reply to Mr Goose:

I've used purely diamonds before, service was good and responsive to all my stupid questions about settings and sizes etc.
Mr Goose on 20 Nov 2012 - []
In reply to all: Cheers Gents. Will take a look and see what they say.

I guess I was thinking London was easier as being based there I could go in and speak to them and it would save posting the stone and then the goods around the country but I could probably work around this.


Tall Clare - on 20 Nov 2012
In reply to Mr Goose:

If you work through a gallery then they can manage stone-shipping for you. My engagement ring came from this woman: She's based in Nottingham, and the ring of hers that I chose at in Saltaire had to be completely rebuilt due to my galumphing great hands and the scarcity of the stone in it. The gallery sorted out all the to-ing and fro-ing, and because they're experienced (and deal with independent jewellers) they sorted out all the measuring, etc.

If you can't find the right jeweller in London, then perhaps finding someone who acts as agent for some independents might be the way forward.

Oh, and Natalie also works with existing stones. She's a lovely woman!
Mike Highbury - on 24 Nov 2012
In reply to Tall Clare: Bit of a revival but,, perhaps

is in London and a climber to boot
In reply to Mr Goose: Hatton Gardens is a good place to start. We went around all of them and explained the commission we wanted. They then gave us the price. We were able to shop around explaining the cost differences. We eventually went with Wedding Ring Workshop (google is your friend) as they were friendly too.
In reply to Mr Goose: 'them' being jewelry makers

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