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benpatterson - on 23 Oct 2012
me and a couple of friends have recently started doing a small amount of kayaking. with are minimal experience we've developed the ambition of a short kayak touring holiday next year. Ideally we'd like to find a river in Europe with relatively easy paddling that can be finished in 7-10 days, we would plan to take all camping gear with us and sleep on the river bank. ive had a look online but cant find any good resources. would be greatfull if anyone would share their experiences or point me in the direction of a decent website. Thanks Ben
TM_Horton - on 23 Oct 2012
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The Ardèche in the south of france is beautiful... perfect for beginners (grade1-2 water). its not a 7 day exped by any means but you could seep out for 1/2 nights at least. plus you can hire all the gear you need down there.

if your looking for a self supported exped go for a west to east crossing of scotland in an open boat. Caledonian canal is the safe bet (flat water, easy nag) however me and a mate did 7 days going from Kinlochleven to perth in July this year, FULL ON EPIC. (we didn't make it.)

many quality white water exped's to be done in the alps ... buy a guidebook?
cuppatea on 23 Oct 2012
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"songofthepaddle" is a forum worth exploring
TobyA on 23 Oct 2012
In reply to benpatterson: Loads of places on Finland on the lake systems - the lakes are huge, but very complex in terms of islands and peninsulas everywhere so you don't need to do any major open water crossing if you don't want to. Normally you can be pretty close to the shore line. You can camp anywhere that's not someone's garden and in the many places you'll find organised, free camping spots where there will be a fireplace (normally wood for it is there too) and wooden lean-to shelter for those who don't have tents. This video gives you a very fair view of what the east finland lakes are like. This site suggests some routes, 1 to 10 days. Lots of places will rent you the kayaks and even all the camping gear too if you don't have your own. Ignore the alpkit review, but all the pictures in this blog post: was from a three day tour I did last summer starting about an hour's drive from Helsinki, but I'd got to the East of the country as there's more space and more tourist infrastructure to suit what you're looking for. This summer's weather was a bit crappy but better than England's still it seems. Last summer was super hot and sunny. Generally I would say the Finnish summer is better and more reliable than the UK's but of course you could be lucky or unlucky there.
marsbar - on 24 Oct 2012
In reply to benpatterson: Have a look on ukrgb website.

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