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James Malloch - on 01 May 2012
I'm moving to Leeds in July to work for a year as part of my university course. It will give me a good chance to save some money up so I'm hoping to try and keep costs down, and housing is my biggest expense.

The prices vary a lot for a house share but I don't know leeds at all for commuting and transport. So, I was wondering if people who live there could give me a bit of info on travel to the centre. I'll be working next to Lovell Park, 1 mile walk north east of the station. If you could give me an idea based on your location...

Commute to the city centre.

Method of transport:
Reliability and frequency of transport:
Time of Commute:
Cost of commute per day:
Any problems (delays etc):
Is it easily bikeable, if so how long does it take:
Ease of getting to climbing walls:
Any other points:

Hopefully some people will be able to give me a bit of information based around that sort of thing. Just thought it may be helpful in my decision, ie, if travel will cost £20-30 a week, it might be better to spend a bit more on a house closer to the centre or somethings like that...

Thanks a lot
johnpuddephatt - on 01 May 2012
In reply to James Malloch:

I came to Leeds as a student about 6/7 years ago and been here since. While I've been keen to move on from 'student areas' in the past couple of years, I've also been keen to stay within a short commute of the university where I now work.

A few options:

Train station two stops from town (could be a a bit far from you depending on where in Headingley). House prices are reasonable, and there are plenty of really nice areas. Bus from Headingley centre to the University is only £1 (10/15min walk from town), or get a week ticket for £13 (this covers all the way into town, and could get you within 5 mins or so of where you're working). Bus to town is probably around 20mins avg depending on traffic. Very easily bikeable as it's a fairly flat route with cycle lanes most of the way.

Living in town
More expensive generally, but there are plenty of places that are actually pretty reasonable due to supply outstripping demand. Clarence Dock is the most notable location, a very short walk from City Bloc bouldering wall. Clarence Dock is a couple of km from the top end of town where you'll be working though.

Chapel Allerton
I think a weekly bus ticket for here is about £20, and commute could stretch nearer to half hour at busier times, but in exchange you get somewhere nicer that's really popular with young professionals. Again it's bikeable, but slightly more of a commitment.

For walls your main options are: City Bloc, Depot and Leeds Wall. All are relatively easy to reach from town, so good after work. City Bloc and Leeds Wall can be reached by a slightly long walk or a very short bus. The depot is easiest to reach by train - just a couple of stops from Leeds.
Dax H - on 01 May 2012
In reply to James Malloch: I live in Beeston and though it has a bad name in 15 years living here it has been fine.
Leeds center is 15 mins on the bus (one every 10 mins) but being down hill I can do my house to the train station in 5 mins and 12 mins back home again.
Leeds wall by nipping through a footpath is less than 5 mins away by bike and about 10 mins back.
EeeByGum - on 01 May 2012
In reply to James Malloch: Give that you are still a student, I would live in student-land. If you share with students, since you are still officially a student you will benefit from council tax exemption and student shares are generally cheaper than professional shares although a bit more rough and ready. You will also enjoy a ready made social life. Student areas are also served by cut price transport and food / beer outlets so again, you win.

If you really want to save money on commuting though, get on your bike lad!
James Malloch - on 01 May 2012
In reply to James Malloch:

Cheers for the replies, just what I'm after! I've been looking mainly at Headingly and Beeston house shares (around £300 a month with bills) as well as some student properties. Also looked at Armley and a few places east of the city.

I always thought beeston looked quite far, but if you can get there that fast it'd not bad at all! The properties are better value also. I liked this area due to the proximity to the wall's.

I'm a bit cautious about student shares as I'll be in at 9 every day and worried about people being loud on nights out which could pose a problem. I have a car too for going to the wall, but it'd be easier to bike/walk. As I wont know many people, I really want a year of climbing in my spare time so being close would help as getting back at like 6ish and wanting food and then having to travel may make me less psyched.

Any other comments would be appreciated!!
a concerned citizen - on 02 May 2012
In reply to James Malloch:

> Area/postcode:
LS13 /Bramley
> Method of transport:
> Reliability and frequency of transport:
Bus every 10 mins, trains 3/hour
> Time of Commute:
Bus 25 Mins, Train 9 (+10mins walk to station
> Cost of commute per day:
Bus £4.70 dayrider, train £2.90 return
> Any problems (delays etc):
The bus is shit after 7pm, trains can packed in the morning
> Is it easily bikeable, if so how long does it take:
Yes, used to ride most days, takes 15 mins in, 20 mins home.
> Ease of getting to climbing walls:
Walk to the Depot, City Bloc was walkable at lunchtime, Leeds Wall is a short detour on the way home.
> Any other points:

If you want to maximise you climbing, I'd get a go for a house share in either Hyde Park or Headingly or even a city centre flat if you're after a quieter life, which should make it much easier to get out after work.
Bertbee - on 02 May 2012
In reply to James Malloch:

I've lived in Leeds for 9 years or so, and work at the Uni. I'm lucky enough to live in a nice place on the Otley road (LS6) - so very local to the city centre - but without having to deal with too much of the student hell that populates the area.

From Hyde Park/near Headingley, you are about 30min from Caley (X84 bus), 40 min from Almscliff (train from either Headingley or Burley Park), 30min from the Depot (91 bus from Headingley). Leeds Wall and City Bloc are both a bit of a faff by bus, but you can cycle them in 25 minutes.

In short, your best bet is to cycle everywhere in Leeds. For getting out climbing, living anywhere in Hyde Park/Headingley makes it really easy to get out to crags (and the city centre), but a bit more faff getting down to some of the walls.

Lastly, if you are getting a student let, wait until late August and you can normally rent somewhere for around £20pw cheaper than they are advertised during 'the rush' in Jan-March. Oh, and Woodhouse is normally a fair bit cheaper, but just as local, as Hyde Park or Headingley - and very easy to get to Lovell Park from there.
Liam M - on 02 May 2012
In reply to James Malloch: I officially live in Armley ( though often come in from Roundhay where my other half lives). From both locations I generally cycle via the centre, about 20-30mins to a location a couple of miles south east of your desired destination.

During the day buses from both areas are frequent and fairly quick. From Roundhay they'd pass close to Lovell Park. From Armley buses are frequent to town until about 11ish. A lot of the roads leaving the centre north at 5ish are basically car parks

Armley is good for all the walls - 30mins walk to Leeds Wall and a very frequent bus to the Depot. City Bloc is a little more awkward but still not too bad. Roundhay is useless for any walls.

If you want student life Headingley is good. If not then it is horrible.
Bertbee - on 02 May 2012
In reply to Liam M:

"If you want student life Headingley is good. If not then it is horrible."

Pay heed to this advice, or live to regret it!

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