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 Bojo 23 Nov 2021

In the New Year I shall be doing a presentation roughly based on how the Earth's topography is constantly changing.

Among other things I wanted to mention rockfalls in the Grand Couloir Gouter and the extent to which the Mer de Glace has diminished over the years.

Does anyone know where I could get some images or videos of these two features. Ideally the Grand Couloir needs to illustrate the rockfall - the more dramatic/spectacular the better.

There shouldn't be any copyright concerns - it's strictly non-commercial.

Many thanks if anyone can help.

 lithos 23 Nov 2021
In reply to Bojo:

youtube has a few. just search  'Grand Couloir Gouter  rockfall'

In reply to Bojo:

If you can get pics of glacier retreat, maybe look at le bossons because it's steeper the effect is far more dramatically noticeable, there used to be a grotte des glace and it's snout used to runout in the shallow valley, even in the start of the 90s you could still ice climb on the end of the snout (my first front pointing), by mid 90s it had retreated massively and it was just falling cr*p and you couldn't go near, now it's all gone. A missing glacier

 Rob Parsons 23 Nov 2021
In reply to Bojo:

You could up the ante and show the rockfall on the Piz Cengalo a few years ago - e.g.

 henwardian 24 Nov 2021
 James Gilbert 24 Nov 2021
In reply to Bojo:

Doesn't googlemaps allow you to look at historical satellite imagery? Unilad recently did a post where someone had made timelapses of things like cities growing and glaciers shrinking using that imagery.  Much of the imagery pre-dates googlemaps but they've bought it from various organisations.

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