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Blue Straggler 13 Jul 2019

My Google-Fu is letting me down on this.

I am just after some lightweight Bluetooth earphones, I like the style that clip over your ear a bit like these Koss ones that I’ve had a wired pair of. Don’t mind if the earpieces are wired together or have a neckband. Will compromise on battery life if needs be, as I don’t want to spend silly money (say under £40) and accept some compromise.

I already have larger over-the-Ear noise cancelling ones (Lindy BX-60 I think, good value but by definition bulky)

recommendations please! 

Naechi 13 Jul 2019
In reply to Blue Straggler:

Been using an Outdoor Tech Adapt as I have non-bluetooth headphones that I like - not quite what you asked for but works with any 3.5mm jack and has a built in mic...


Blue Straggler 14 Jul 2019
In reply to Naechi:

Thanks, interesting but really why I want Bluetooth is because I am tired of earphones dying due to a broken wire connection. The device you show won’t solve that, not that it isn’t a bad idea for other reasons 

nathan79 14 Jul 2019
In reply to Blue Straggler:

I tend to buy Mpow ones via Amazon. (Though there are a few brands whose headphones are identical and are clearly all made by the same supplier).

Currently on their "Cheetah" model. Generally ~£20 and sound is decent enough for that money.

I've gone through a few pairs but all my fault- left a pair in the gym, sat on a pair, opened a door over a pair. 

Blue Straggler 14 Jul 2019
In reply to nathan79:

Thanks, I should have been clearer in my OP, yes the MPOW ones clip over the ear but they have buds that go into the ear. I don’t like these so much, I prefer a pad ON the ear. My OP was meant to have a link to a picture, I didn’t realise I hadn’t posted the link, sorry. And This is why I struggled to find any via Google, I don’t know the correct terminology for any of it. 

If I get nowhere with my holy grail search I’ll consider the Cheetahs, thanks 


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gav 15 Jul 2019
In reply to Blue Straggler:

I don't have any recommendations, but it looks like you're after something like this? https://www.amazon.co.uk/KAMTRON-Bluetooth-Headphones-Wireless-Earphones/dp/B07FT2VC5H

I think "clip-on" or "earclip" are the terms to search for.

Blue Straggler 15 Jul 2019
In reply to gav:

YES just that sort of thing (well ideally smaller earpads but I guess that being Bluetooth adds a small amount of bulk). No idea how I could not get such things to show up on searches. Thanks! Got a bunch of options now  

mountain.martin 15 Jul 2019
In reply to Blue Straggler:

I've used the mpow ones and have got on with them very well. Not always keen on inserting things in my ear, but these have been no problem.

Blue Straggler 15 Jul 2019
In reply to mountain.martin:

I am generally not keen on inserting things in my ears but I've had some Creative Zen ones and some that came with a Nokia Lumia phone, that were OK, however more often than not they just seem uncomfortable after 15-20 minutes so it's always a gamble (and tricky to "try them on). You wouldn't think there could be that much variation, and my ears are not some unusual shape, yet there it is. e.g. I don't like the Apple ones. Thanks though!

LeeWood 15 Jul 2019
In reply to Blue Straggler:

my lad has some he's pretty happy with - so much so that I sometomes ask if he needs surgery to get them out :D

but quite apart from mechanical comfort has abyone looked into the aftereffects of emf zingling around the brain ?!

Blue Straggler 15 Jul 2019
In reply to LeeWood:

AFAIK there's not even enough good solid statistics about the effects of listening to any earphones at all, going back many decades!

streapadair 15 Jul 2019
In reply to Blue Straggler:

If you don't like things in your ear you could try bone conduction phones. I've got a Vidonn which works surprisingly well, usually £50 in the Rainforest but currently £36. 

Blue Straggler 15 Jul 2019
In reply to streapadair:

Thanks, I'm not dead against it and am happy with things ON the ear. Bone conduction has been around a while but hasn't seemed to have caught on, appreciate your opinion on them although some very mixed opinions elsewhere - how is the battery life and connectivity reliability for you, and how long have you had them? I think I'd look to try before I buy TBH, but thanks! Maybe I'll get a chance (it's tricky as I don't really get to the shops that often although if Currys do them, there is a possibility)

Oliver Haworth 15 Jul 2019
In reply to Blue Straggler:

A couple of years ago I was fed up with frequently buying relatively cheap bluetooth headphones that hook over the ears, so the usual £20-30 mark on Amazon. I found the sound to be pretty poor but what you'd expect with a cheap headphone but they just didn't last and connectivity wasn't great.

Decided to invest in a middle ground pair not wanting to go anywhere near the like of Beats, Bose etc and was recommended the Optoma NuForce BE Sport wireless headphones. Appreciate they don't have the hanger over the ear but the varying rubber blades that sit up into your ear to hold them in place are comfortable and work really well. Also the twin tip ear buds are excellent but also you get the usual array of other sizes.

Very impressed with sound quality, connectivity and battery lasts for ages. Still going strong with daily use.

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streapadair 15 Jul 2019
In reply to Blue Straggler:

The claim is 6hrs of battery use and I can't take issue with that. Paired with my phone, and never a problem with connection. I've had them 6 months, use them every day for listening to downloaded podcasts when walking the dog. Less than 40g, sometimes forget to take them off.

Blue Straggler 15 Jul 2019
In reply to Oliver Haworth:

Thanks, very interesting but out of budget really. I know what you are saying, get what you pay for etc, but I will probably lose or break them before getting £66 of use out of them. I didn't say so but these are to be secondary to my Lindy BNX-60 big ones. For travelling light. Not ruling these ones out though, thanks, I will ponder it. Appreciating all the responses here, I am not in a rush either so I can absorb the info nicely. 

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