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snook - on 09 Mar 2013
Hi all

This is my first forum post so please go easy!

15 Plymouth beys (locally known as Janners) recently took a trip out to Costa Blanca to sample the amazing Spanish crags.

On the last day 13 of us decided to head out towards Calpe with the owner of the Orange House to do the Mascarat Gorge Bridge Swing. We were all a tad nervous as we had never done one before. One chap Martin wasn't going to do it originally but after a huge dose of friendly peer pressure the night before he finally caved in and decided to join the party. To make it fair we decided to draw playing cards to decide the order in which we would go.

Martin had first choice.

Unbeknowned to him he had 4 aces to choose from!

He didn't find out this until after the swing for obvious reasons. Our friend Steve seemed the coolest customer as the video will show you.

I thought I'd also take this oppoutunity to post this podcast I did many months ago for my mate who runs as it has proven very popular at the Plymouth Life Centre Climbing Wall and with many climbing friends.


Any feedback welcome.

SGD - on 10 Mar 2013
In reply to snook: Nice little video. I remember doing the same bridge swing myself a few tears ago arranged by the orange house (thanx orange house). It was terrifying, but nowhere near as bad as the second jump off just the old bridge. My plumbs took awhile to recover from that one.
Sam Mayfield - on 15 Mar 2013
In reply to snook:

And can I add what a lovely group of lads, funny that on the first morning one guests stood in his undies in the corridor telling a very bouncy "janner" that he didnt really want a wake up call at 7am!!


This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.