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James Malloch 16 Aug 2019

I recently moved from a permanent job to setting up a limited company. In doing so I lost my Bupa health cover which my employer provided. I used it a fair bit for physiotherapy sessions and wanted to look at what options were available. The Policy provided cover for most things (pretty much anything that could go wrong with you were covered) but I only ever used the physio sessions.

Now that I’m set up as a company I’m hoping to get a similar cover set up and hoped some of the UKC minds could offer some advice.

I understand there are insurances (similar to mine) where you pay a monthly fee and excess which covers you for a certain amount of treatment. My physio mentioned Cash Plans too which sound like more of a cash back scheme where you get reimbursed for a certain amount of treatment.

Does anyone use such a scheme and if so, what did you go for and do you find it works for you? 

My old scheme didn’t need GP referrals for Physio (you had a call with a Bupa physio to make an assessment) which was great so something which doesn’t require that would be ideal.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

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Tringa 16 Aug 2019
In reply to James Malloch:

Have a look at Beneden ( https://www.benenden.co.uk/ ).

I joined years ago when I was a civil servant and have continued with it. Mrs Tringa had her gall bladder removed in their hospital in Kent - first class care all the way.


Michael Hood 16 Aug 2019
In reply to James Malloch:

My Mrs has both Simply Health and Medicash cash back schemes.

She needs regular physio and can claim back at least 50% of the costs using those.

Whilst she's on them, she also can claim for some of dental costs, new glasses, etc.

Every year she's got more back than she's paid in. Effectively these schemes are subsidising some of our necessary expenditure.

If everyone on these schemes claimed for everything they were allowed to, the schemes would fall apart. There must be millions of people out there who pay into these schemes and then don't bother claiming for stuff that they could. Thanks everyone

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.