Moving to Kendal... anyone got a place to rent?!

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So my partner got herself a job up by Ambleside. Aside from the fact that we get to move closer to one of our favourite places in the country, we're now (rather daftly) realising that finding a property is going to be difficult. 

I thought I'd ask the hive mind of UKC if: a) anyone's got a place near Kendal / Ambleside / Windermere they'd be interested in renting to us for six months while we look for a more permanent arrangement, or b) got any ideas for good places to look beyond the usual Rightmove / Zoopla spots. 

Thanks in advance!

 Rick Graham 21 Feb 2022
In reply to Georgert:

Cannot help with rental but would suggest doing some trial commutes if your partner needs to travel to work if you find somewhere driving or biking distance away. 

The road to Ambleside is a nightmare at certain times of day from Kendal. Living in Coniston I could travel fairly hassle free at most times of day because I was going the other way to the masses.

 Timmd 21 Feb 2022
In reply to Georgert:

Renting for a year could be a plan, to allow breathing space in finding somewhere?

Time can fly by, and things can fall through...

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In reply to Timmd:

That's exactly how we see it. Six months is likely the absolute minimum we'd need to find our feet.  

 Jon Stewart 21 Feb 2022
In reply to Georgert:

Don't know anyone with a place to rent I'm afraid.

I moved up to Kendal a few years ago, and the first thing I discovered was that there is nowhere furnished to rent. I rented an unfurnished flat for a couple of years, one in the Riverside development (old shoe factory, now mainly a Travelodge) - it was convenient but not particularly cheap, a pretty smart good quality flat right on the river.

I think you'll basically be looking at what's on Rightmove etc unless you strike lucky. Great place to live though and I know plenty of people who survive the short but trafficky commute to Ambleside.

In reply to Jon Stewart:

Cheers Jon – and no worries. It's certainly a long shot.

Yes, we've got an alert set up so will just keep our fingers crossed. We're dead excited!

 Nic Barber 22 Feb 2022
In reply to Georgert:

We're moving to Kendal this week - renting initially (6 month minimum term, then rolling monthly) whilst we find somewhere more permanent. Found through Rightmove, but I also contacted a few local estate agents directly and got on their books. There seems to be quite a bit of stock that refreshes quickly, but you need to be proactive or you'll be left behind - may be worth booking a few days off and arrange a good few viewings in the area.

I was a bit worried about finding a rental, especially as we have a dog, but we lucked out with a property not too much smaller than what we have now who allow pets (and in fact prefer them, as they know so many other places are pet-averse). We only viewed it a month ago and got it - the relief when we were confirmed was massive - wife's job (Lancaster) starts 7th March so we needed to be in place next week at the latest.

Has always been our plan to relocate to Cumbria (wife is from North Cumbria originally, we have lots of friends in S Lakes) and I'm really looking forward to it - once the move is done. I think I'm going to sleep for about 20h on Thursday and Friday nights!

In reply to Nic Barber:

Congrats! Feels like we're about four weeks behind you. We also have a dog, so feel your pain in that regard. Good luck with the move and maybe catch you around town when we (hopefully) join you up there! 

In reply to Georgert:

Should also maybe add that I'd welcome any advice on decent areas to move to, although it might be presumptuous of me to think we have a choice given the lack of available rental houses so far!

In reply to Georgert:

Looks like a lot of people are on the move. It seems like we will be moving beginning of August. Renting initially while we sell our house in the Peak, then buying. Looks like Kirkby Lonsdale area is on the cards for both. Can’t wait.

 Jim Lancs 22 Feb 2022
In reply to paul__in_sheffield:

> . . . .  Looks like Kirkby Lonsdale is on the cards  . . .

Really?  Your profile says you're only 59

 felt 22 Feb 2022
In reply to Georgert:

> Should also maybe add that I'd welcome any advice on decent areas to move to.

Depends what you want. Do you mean in Kendal itself or in the neighbouring area? In Kendal itself there are only a couple of dodgy roads in terms of regular antisocial behaviour/crime, but a fair few I'd not want to live on because of traffic or flooding.

In reply to felt:

All of the above! We're regular visitors, but would greatly value a local's perspective on what / where to avoid. We actually looked at a house on Castle Crescent, but were quickly put off by the flood risk potential (moving from York, it's something we're all too familiar with!). 

 FranC 22 Feb 2022
In reply to Georgert:

Hello, moved back to Scotland a few months ago and had a nightmare trying to find somewhere to rent - due to having dog and houses getting snapped up mega fast. I found the place we now rent on gumtree so could be worth a look there. Just make sure you're up to date with rental agreements etc - we had to check for a landlord reg no but don't know what the rules are in England. Enjoy your move!

 plyometrics 22 Feb 2022
In reply to Georgert:

You can’t go wrong with the northern areas of kendal. Eg In and around Greenside, Kendal Green, Windermere road etc.

You’re right to be mindful of flooding, so places like Aynam Road, Lound Road, Gooseholme etc are best avoided. 

Wherever you end up I’m sure you’ll love it. Kendal’s a fantastic place to live. 

Feel free to drop me a message if you have any q’s. 

 tjhare1 22 Feb 2022
In reply to Georgert:

I’d echo plyometrics - anywhere NW quadrant can’t go wrong. We’re in Greenside/High Tenterfell area and it’s great. No need to deal with the one way system except on the occasions you want to head to tebay/shap/Sedbergh which isn’t all that often, quick 5 mins walk to town, straight onto the scars and golf course for a walk or run and nice views over town.

 Exile 22 Feb 2022
In reply to tjhare1:

Similar experience. We're on Kendal Green - definitely the right end of Kendal if you can find a house. 

 jbarmcake 22 Feb 2022
In reply to Georgert:


A friend just linked me to your thread -

How big/small are you looking for? - I'm having a summer away from work, got a very small but nice one bedroom flat right in the middle of Kendal - I'll be away at least 6 months - it can be ready in the next week or two. 

I commute to Langdale - most of the time it's ok, very occasionally you'll get a really bad day on that windermere-ambleside bit of road. 

Send me a message if you're interested

In reply to Jim Lancs:

Compared to Froggatt where I live, KL seems pretty lively and the average age will be about 10 years younger 😂

In reply to paul__in_sheffield:

> Compared to Froggatt where I live, KL seems pretty lively and the average age will be about 10 years younger 😂

You will also have to change your username.

In reply to TheDrunkenBakers:

> You will also have to change your username.

Yep, I should have changed it when I moved out of Sheff

 Baron Weasel 23 Feb 2022
In reply to Georgert:

The Facebook group 'Lakeland Climbers with a day off' sometimes has places to rent advertised, could be worth asking on there along with 'Kendal Seek and Sell'.

Kendal is really difficult for renting atm, a friend of mine has split up with his partner but can't find anything. 

In reply to jbarmcake:

Cheers! You have mail 🙂

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