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 gethin_allen 20 Jun 2011
I've just been told I've got a job in Swansea university and I'm over the moon to finally have a job related to the subject I studied for so long at uni. The only problem that's just dawned on me is that I haven't the faintest idea about Swansea as a place to live, so here's a big multi faceted question for anyone who lives/has lived in the area.

- Where should I be looking to live and how much should I be expecting to pay for a flat or a room in a shared house?

- Is there a good climbing wall nearby?

- What are the good pubs serving good beer in a nice environment?

- What's the best outdoor climbing venue in the area for VS/HVS punters?

Any other words of wisdom greatly appreciated.
 billybones 20 Jun 2011
In reply to gethin_allen: I bet you're just a glory supporter and you're going for the football.
 stonemaster 20 Jun 2011
In reply to gethin_allen: Good luck...
OP gethin_allen 20 Jun 2011
In reply to billybones:
Being from Cardiff I can already hear the abuse I'm going to get as soon as I move there. Even my new boss is a swans fan.
OP gethin_allen 20 Jun 2011
In reply to gethin_allen:
And I forgot to add that He's originally from Cardiff!
 Justin Tracey 20 Jun 2011
Good limestone climbing on the gower king wall . yellow wall etc, a bit further to pembroke which is top class. Bolted Sandstone climbing up the valleys is ok, Orgmore for Doliomitic limestone Jenga climbing and DWS. Loads of Pubs on the Mumbles mile and Loads of Slappers out on a friday night on the kingsway.

Good luck living in Swansea, it will be an education in itself.
Ps good surfing can be had down the gower and Pembroke, reef and beach breaks.

Pss. Watch Twin Towns.
 Kyle Warlow 20 Jun 2011
In reply to stonemaster:

Housing - not sure of house share, but I know a decent place will cost around 450-650 pcm, depending on the area. The east side of Swansea is generaly cheaper ( but by no means worse! East-side born and bred :p), with Port Tennant, St Thomas and new SA1 waterfront development being the areas closest to the city centre( 10mins walk). If you want house share, your best bet will be in the areas of Brynmill, Uplands, Sketty (student area basically!!).

There is a wall in clydach, Dynamic Rock Climbing Centre. Great wall, not massive, but the staff are awsome and everyone who goes is friendly. About 10mins drive from the city centre. Buses go directly there aswell.

As for trad, there are loads of routes on the gower to go at within that grade range, Fallbay being one of my favourite areas. Best bet, get a guide. Plus pembroke isnt that far away either.

As for pubs.......well........where do I start........ Theres this place call Wind Street you see........and, ummm, well....... I think I'll just leave you see for yourself lol :-p

Anyways, happy moving. If you need anymore info, feel free to ask

 Kyle Warlow 20 Jun 2011
In reply to gethin_allen:

Btw, the reply was to the OP, not Stonemaster lol whoops
 The Ivanator 21 Jun 2011
In reply to gethin_allen: Dynamic Rock is a decent indoor facility nearby
There is plenty of decent Trad in VS/HVS territory on Gower. Fall Bay Buttress is particularly good, 3 cliffs bay, boiler slab, upper jackey's Tor and Juniper Wall all have some worthwhile routes.
 stonemaster 21 Jun 2011
In reply to Kyle Warlow: Been to Wind Street. Once, briefly, is sufficient
El-Mariachi 21 Jun 2011
In reply to gethin_allen:

"pretty shitty city"
In reply to gethin_allen: Read anything on Swansea by Dylan Thomas (Child's Xmas in Wales, The Followers, Who do you Wish Was With Us, etc), don't worry, the place hasn't changed a jot since he wrote it.
 antdav 21 Jun 2011
Uplands may be a good place to be based, quite a student run area but some nice pubs with bands and real ale and there's the 'beast' breakfast challenge at the greasy spoon.

Town drinking is very chavtastic as is the mumbles on a weekend, and steer clear of Cinders (or whatever its now called) at the end of the mile.

You've got plenty of crags in Gower or Pembroke to keep you busy but with the Swansea weather be prepared for all circumstances within a few hours.

As said above, if its not climbing weather you'll prob be able to surf so get a board and some lessons down Caswell (which also has some climbing).
 DR 21 Jun 2011
In reply to gethin_allen:
My old uni city - great spot if you're into the outdoors. I lived out at Murton/ Bishopston which is handy for getting out to the Gower for climbing, running and surfing. We could walk through the chalets at Holtsfield to surf at Caswell and there was two pubs in the village - the Joiners and AN other whose name escapes me. Good climbing at Three Cliffs and Tor Bay as well as others mentioned.

The Antelope was the place to be in Mumbles when I was there and the Handjob (Admiral Hancock) was a bit more local than studenty. You've gotta go to Cinders on the pier at least once. Further towards town, Uplands or Brynmill - Uplands Tavern and the Cricketers were good pubs. Town centre was a cultural desert but may have changed - although by looking at the comments here, maybe not!

 Chris H 21 Jun 2011
In reply to gethin_allen: Watch " Twin Town" it's virtually a documentary!
In reply to DR: Don't go to the Antelope, it's deer...

Oh, a bit of a reminiscence, the last time I was at "Cinders" (approx 1978)

Once a gang of us were staying in Mumbles, whilst attending an Aikido course in Swansea. The last night we were there, my mate cooked us up a huge vat of spaghetti bolognaise. We planned to go into Mumbles, hit a few pubs, then hit the disco (and yes it was a disco back in those days,) which abuts the pier. All well and good.

We had a fair few beers, got into the disco, and had some more. I felt sick. I don’t know if this was due to the amount of beer I’d had, or mate's cooking, it could have been both.

I went outside to get some fresh air. This didn’t help in the slightest, so I leaned over the pier edge, and chucked my ring up. It came out like ropes. It was only while watching the ropes vanish into the dark that I realised the tide was out, and below me at the foot of the pier were a bunch of courting couples.

Who were now being bombarded by bolognaise flavoured puke.

I legged it back into the disco and hid.

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