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Naomi Klein on Coronavirus Capitalism

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 LeeWood 21 May 2020

We are waiting for ... something, and this speaker has a lot to say about that.

Naomi Klein is author of the book : The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism - which had a good review in The Guardian, but naturally raised conflict elsewhere

Here - bang on topic - she speculates how the world is about to be moulded by the current crisis, why we are waiting and what is at stake. There is a short written introduction but the content is a video of 40 mins duration


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I'm waiting for the ... _ _ _ ...   ... _ _ _ ...

from the people you live with.

 LeeWood 21 May 2020
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Just found this same interview transcribed in text:


Klein previously contributed to climate change problems under the title 'Green New Deal'. Her latest discussion portraying the 'new normal' is titled Screen New Deal - utopia or disopia ? Remote learning and digital surveillance. And how the Chinese are using Artificial Intelligence - deep surveillance unhindered by silly western ideas of rights and freedom :o 

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I don't like the premise in the title.

The healthcare industry and silicon valley do not plan to profit from the coronavirus crisis, they plan to profit by providing *solutions* to the coronavirus crisis.   If tech companies can sell more networking and computer kit because people are working from home or develop tracking technologies which allow extremely efficient contact tracing or MEMS chips which provide a home test for infection at low cost and with results in minutes then they deserve to make quite a bit of money.   That kind of beneficial work should be rewarded.

The people 'seeking to profit from the crisis' are the banks and hedge funds who are using it to load people and businesses up with debt and moving from investments into cash ready to buy at the bottom when people get desperate.  

 LeeWood 22 May 2020
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> I don't like the premise in the title.

Which title - mine or one given in the video / article ?

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.