OS map print onto foam board

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I'd like to get an OS map of our local area to put up on the wall, loads of places do custom map printing, but my google skills haven't located anywhere that can print onto something waterproof.  I'd like to put it by the back door, underneath the hooks where we hang coats and thinking it could serve a dual purpose of route planning and stopping the wall from getting soaked when we hang wet coats.

I'm thinking foam board, like this but could be on to metal.

Does anyone know of a company that can help?

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Not what you’re asked for, but could an alternative be waterproof wallpaper?

I’ve got an OS map customised to my sizes on one wall in my utility room. It’s waterproof and is easy to be cleaned and wiped down. Unfortunately, the company I got it from is no longer in business, so can’t recommend anyone though a google comes up with suggestions.

Edit: Another suggestion is to mount a non waterproof map under a clear acrylic sheet. I’ve used acrylic sheets in the past, and you can “frame” the sheet to make it look like map is in like a picture frame.

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Thanks, gave them a call and they think they can print onto Foamex, just waiting for confirmation and a price.

If anyone knows of another company, would be useful to get a second quote

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Jolly good. I've had a large wallpaper map from them and it was lovely. Hope you get what you're after.

 elliot.baker 10 Sep 2021
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This is funny - I asked almost the exact same question at the beginning of the year. 

I ended up getting a waterproof OS map from this website centred on my house

It looks laminated but it's some special waterproof paper kind of laminate thing, my original intention was to colour in the paths I'd ran on but I didn't bother in the end, it's great just to plot routes though and look at.

I searched high and low to get it framed or get it mounted on card and it was going to end up prohibitively expensive because of how big it was, so I just stuck it to the wall instead. 

Map's great though - I can highly recommend. Wife hates it though 🤣

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.
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