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Glyno - on 11 Feb 2018

I'm not sure whether I've put this in the right section, but anyway...

I'm thinking of buying a 'fast charger' for my mobile phone (a genuine, branded accessory for my phone) and was wondering if it would be ok/safe to use the same charger to charge other items - ie camera batteries, Anker Powerbank etc?

The idea of having just one wall plug and maybe just a couple of different cables for different devices would be handy when travelling, but I struggle to understand the technicalities of inputs/outputs etc and I don't want to risk exploding batteries!

...or should I just stick to a separate charger for each item?




In reply to Glyno:

The fast chargers, especially the branded (ie not cheap and nasty) ones, will only put out the full current when the device is capable of accepting it. So should be fine for other USB devices too.

Luke90 on 11 Feb 2018
In reply to Glyno:

I agree with Paul but I'd expand his point...

ANY usb charger is safe to use to charge ANY usb device. The only exception would be if you somehow found a really dodgy charger that was broken.

Finding chargers for each device that charge at the maximum possible speed is much more of a minefield but the branding of particular fast-charge systems has made that easier for a lot of phones and it seems like you've got that part under control.

It's possible that some other devices might charge less quickly than you'd expect in the "fast charger" for your phone. An iPad, for example. The absolute worst case is that the device charges so slowly that while it's on it uses more charge than it gains. That's unlikely, though, and it certainly won't come to any harm so it's safe to experiment.

Glyno - on 11 Feb 2018
In reply to Paul and Luke:

Excellent, one plug it is then!

Just to add - I'm not overly concerned about the other devices charging fast, just the phone.

Thanks again : )


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