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ledifer on 26 Apr 2013
My fiance and I are getting married next year and are hoping to go to Alaska for our honeymoon. We're getting married end of march but probably won't be heading out till may.

We were thinking of just getting the train across the country stopping in b&bs and going off on excursions. Only thing is the Internet makes Alaska look a surprisingly dull place when it comes to touristy things.
Now the real attraction comes from the natural Alaska, so I'm now considering renting out an RV and making our own way round, stopping off anywhere that looks interesting. Has more of a hint of a great American adventure about it as well

anyway has anyone been before and have any advice or recommendations for me?

Some info to note.

We're aiming to be there 3 weeks, either the first or last week will be spent with relatives in fairbanks.
We're looking at a budget of 5k including all flights and costs, everything.
My other half is also my polar opposite. She won't go walking for walkings sake, but she does love wildlife so will go on a trek if a) there's a chance of seeing a new animal or bird, b) there's a pub at the other end.

Thanks, lee
ledifer on 26 Apr 2013
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Lion Bakes on 26 Apr 2013
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Inside passage from Haines down to Vancouver. Plenty of wilderness and mountains to ascend on way down

Prince Rupert
Vancouver Island

Denali national park after 20th May by bus

Seward peninsula and mt marathon

If you hire a 4x4 hot springs north of Farbanks on Dalton highway, and also see trans Alaskan pipeline and go as far as Article Circle or beyond Gobblers Knob for instance.

There's plenty to see do.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.